Papa’s World – Stuffed animals – granddaughter – life’s magical memories.

A child’s imagination – Priceless.

She is kind – quiet – studious – and constantly reading Harry Potter novels.

She loves horses and is becoming an accomplished equestrian at age of eleven.

She is tall and I think will surpass her grandma who is almost 5’10”.

When walking she grabs your hand or when standing next to you – lays her head on your arm.

She is TAYLOR!

She is the one her mother depends upon.

But – she has another side to her – a side that makes me smile.

She quietly – by herself – has an array of little stuffed animals she takes with her everywhere.

She treats them as her little family.

She has names for each and every one of them.

She smiles – she laughs – she is funny.

She is bright – reading at a Junior level.

She knows about brackish water – why there are tides –

She can explain climate change – she is beyond her years!

But she has that little secretive side to her –

The side that when she is not in the room – you see what she has done!

Left to ever watch over the bed – the little stuffed animals.

This is our Taylor Bear as Mommie calls her.

The quiet one – the reader and studier.

The one who grabs your hand to walk or lays her head on your shoulder.

THIS IS TAYLOR – one of our twin granddaughters.

Thanks for reading Papa’s World –

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