Papa’s World – Lunch at INLET VIEW!

Along the water sets a bar & grill – INLET VIEW!

We took Maddy – our granddaughter out for a late lunch – early dinner – all the while watching the boats!

This is one of our favorite places to take visitors!

Inlet View is a three-story bar and grill which in summer has live music.

This sits on the backside of Eastern Ocean Isle Beach – and to the left is Holen Beach.

One of the gems we have found exploring the N.C. coastline.

Since Maddy has turned twenty-one last year – she now can order a drink with us.

Drinks with that southern comfort food – HUSH PUPPIES!

Everyone seems to serve these like in the North – you get rolls!

INLET VIEW – just near Bricklanding – Shallotte – I highly recommend you try it out!

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