Papa’s World – The SHAG- Fat Harolds – dancing the night away – North Myrtle Beach

It was here or close to here that THE SHAG started!

It was a beach dance created in the ’40’s along this beach.

The first I believe was in Cherry Grove – but that club was wiped out

by a hurricane in the ’50’s!

Other clubs had formed over the years and along main street

in North Myrtle Beach was the hot spot for SHAGGING!

It grew so popular it spread all across the country and became the state dance!

Clubs were formed and it went worldwide.

Competitions were held and champions crowned!

It reminds me of the Jitter bug – Strolling – Swing – Dirty dancing – all rolled into one –

where you have contact almost 100 % of the time with your dance partner!

And – from what I could see – the age group was 40 to 80 years plus old!


It did not matter how old you were – they still danced and they were good!
Sherry and I have walked by this building dozens of times – it was closed up – deserted looking!

Wondering what it was and if it was empty?

Then – listening to the radio station – 94.9 THE SURF – we found out!

On TV we found out!

FAT HAROLDS was reopening after being closed of over a year –

because of Covid19 and the Pandemic.

Which I found out hit this establishment really hard.

I was told that early on – a half dozen people passed away – having caught the virus here.

And – I could see why as it was the older generations who were dancing.

It caught them by surprise and they -the owners – shut it down.

But now it was back after the state reopened – and it was I learned a national landmark.

This is the third location – and has been here for twenty plus years – since the ’40’s!

World competitions – nationwide competitions – local – all held here or across main street

on the beach in a big stage and dance floor.

A view of one of two dance floors – four bars – one at the entrance – one on the main dance floor and two on the second dance floor in the rear.
There are hundreds of these signs of dance shag clubs all over the nation. And a tribute to the man who brought it to the forefront – FAT HAROLD! Who sadly passed away in 2015.
The main bar on the dance floor number one – Fat Harold – was known all over the country and many pictures of him and famous performers hang from the walls. This was the spot where you came to dance for all these years!
On this single wall – dozens of pictures dedicated over the many – many years to DJ’s – radio – who spun the records to the SHAG! And radio hosts still do to this day.
It is a true living museum to the past 80 plus years!

Pictures – a Hollywood walk of fame throughout the sidewalks of main street honoring dancers from the past 60 years! With there names and year of dancing!

Fat Harold – known to the music world – and now the tradition continues with the reopening!

PAPA’S WORLD: livinglifedoingitmyway A day to remember – a visit to the reopening

OF FAT HAROLDS on Main Street – North Myrtle beach!


Yes – we walked by this place of business dozens of times – just wondering what it was –

and found out it was a historical club – for a historical dance some 80 plus years old!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


THE SHAG FAT HAROLDS DANCING THE NIGHT AWAY once again – North Myrtle Beach , S.C.

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