Papa’s World – First walk to the beach!

On our way to discover the path to the beach –

I stopped us to talk to a lady walking her dog.

We found out she also was from NVA and had just bought a condo there!

She gave us information on golf carts – and the sales office.

Seems – property is sold first inside the development

and rarely listed outside to the public!

Looking back toward our condo – it is a straight walk mostly once we get to this street

And then you turn around and look straight

and that is the parking lot and entrance to the beach!

After you leave the street and walk thru the parking lot – pathway to the beach and ocean

Point 66 mile walk and you are standing here

about ready to go to the water!

The beach is very wide even at high tide!

This is looking North.

Looking South toward Myrtle beach some 10 or so miles away.
The beach entrance from the parking lot
Sherry going to touch the water – it was 75 degrees – as warm as the air.

Instead of going back the way we came

We decided to walk South along the beach

and come out on the road that runs into the shopping area!

About here is where we came off the beach

and were able to find shops that had buy one

get the second one half price!

So – we bought two light weight beach chairs

that had straps so we could carry on our backs

to make the walk to the beach easy

and still have arms free to bring whatever we needed!

Once back “home” at the condo

it was time to fix dinner – and have some cocktails on the lanai!

Yes – I set up a bar for special occasions

We have explored everyday

living the life so to speak

Setting the table with our view

Thank you for reading Papa’s World



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