Papa’s World – The question is WHY?

It seems that every other post on face book –

is blatantly false!

I am talking about the political posts!

And – really – absurd!

Now – this is not a blog on whom to elect –

but the irritation I seem to have with all this nonsense.

To the point I have to UNFOLLOW a lot of people!

Just for me not to see baseless untrue posts.

There – that makes me feel a lot better!

I always fact check – before I believe anything.

Am I a doubting Thomas!

Maybe – but I seek the truth – I want to know about things!

I love historical facts – stories – and discoveries.

I have habits – everyday routine.

I suppose I could leave my comfort zone and venture out

Instead of my first cup of coffee early –

Maybe a shake – a healthful one!

But I just can not bring myself to do that!

I wonder if that is why people post those things?

I look at things from every direction –

to find meaning –

Maybe I am HOT! LOL

There just may be some truth in this! LOL

But – I do not believe it!

I could get into a lot of trouble over it! LOL


Be helpful – caring –

it cost you nothing but gains you gratitude.

There – I feel better –

Thank you for reading Papa’s World



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