Papa’s World – The question is WHY?

It seems that every other post on face book –

is blatantly false!

I am talking about the political posts!

And – really – absurd!

Now – this is not a blog on whom to elect –

but the irritation I seem to have with all this nonsense.

To the point I have to UNFOLLOW a lot of people!

Just for me not to see baseless untrue posts.

There – that makes me feel a lot better!

I always fact check – before I believe anything.

Am I a doubting Thomas!

Maybe – but I seek the truth – I want to know about things!

I love historical facts – stories – and discoveries.

I have habits – everyday routine.

I suppose I could leave my comfort zone and venture out

Instead of my first cup of coffee early –

Maybe a shake – a healthful one!

But I just can not bring myself to do that!

I wonder if that is why people post those things?

I look at things from every direction –

to find meaning –

Maybe I am HOT! LOL

There just may be some truth in this! LOL

But – I do not believe it!

I could get into a lot of trouble over it! LOL


Be helpful – caring –

it cost you nothing but gains you gratitude.

There – I feel better –

Thank you for reading Papa’s World



Papa’s World – laughter – smiling – sharing good vibes

Many of us out here – struggle with food and added weight –

going on diets – making pledges and looking in the mirror

Well – at least I found one thing on me that fits every year!

Good day everyone – when I started writing –

first on face book and now this blog

I said I would write smiles – laughter – family – friends

and adventures and good thoughts.

I have managed to do it most of the time regardless

of the goings on in the World.

I am a positive person – thinking that most things work themselves out

or in a 24 hour time are forgotten and moved on!

I take after my Mom –

one fellow co-worker after I told them about my mother

said “Now I know where you got the calmness and feisty

attitude from!”

I have always had a quiet sense of humor –

but when around close friends

my inner self comes out!

A few beers and a micro phone

Well – have you ever heard a


Well – that would be me!

Along with the humor and good times

family is important to me and my life.

I have two grown sons

and they live in NWPA

I do not get to see them enough since we moved to NVA

But – they have made me a proud dad.

The oldest can build house – beginning to end

by himself if he had too!

The youngest runs his own energy – insulation company

mainly for the State and power companies.

And I also have two grandsons who live across the country.

Close to us are the grand daughters and grandson

who live nearby.

FAMILY is a important part of my blog. MEMORIES!

My wife – both of us have our own thoughts on love –

country – family and social society.

Each in our own way –

but we both understand each other

and support each other

guarding each others back.

That is what love is to me.

My wife was the first to encourage me to write

as she was the first to encourage me to join face book.

She told me I had to put these writings – memories in a safe place

and she told me that I had too many friends and people

asking her on face book how I was & saying hello.

I am glad I listened – now I have all these friends

and blog posts – that can be read by future generations!

That is why my blog exists – my writings preserved

My memories of my life for our kids to read and see in pictures.

To date I have 259 members to my blog site.

Everytime I blog – they get a email

and what is so great about this

is that it is FREE to subscribe!

You won’t get packages or charges just a email

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


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Papas World – social media a bit of kindness – morals

Today I write this with sadness – but still moral in my beliefs.

Friends of youth – but oh how they have changed.

In today’s culture – social media has become a way

to “Stay in touch” but also a two edged sword.

Sometimes it requires to cut that tie –

all be it difficult – as you also cut the memory of the past.

Posting on social media has its rewards

and also its downfalls.

Trying to remain neutral sometimes is really difficult.

But – integrity – morals – truth – and doing the right thing –

Family – church – God and country –

Giving not taking –

loving not hating

When you cut ties from your youth

know that every day the Sun still rises

I am sad –

but I have no regrets

Social media can be rewarding –

and in this case where I had to cut those ties

Friends stepped up –

Social media also gives you that.

We believe in justice – morals – integrity – church – family -country – God

In our case – the joy in social media returns

with out the negative distractions of those who try to instill their views.


Thank you for reading Papa’s World

Where friends meet the family.