Papa’s World – Cameron Woods – Ocean Isle Beach – Bookclub!

OIB Surf & Java – where the book club met!

The book club has grown – from two book readers to now around 7 or 8 when all attend!

Each month a different book is suggested and read.

The meeting place is determined month to month – this time it was OIB Surf & Java –

right next to Lowes food market in OIB!

While some could not make the short hour-long discussion –

and it was not only the book discussed – but get to know your neighbors!

A comfy setting – great chairs and company.

This time I tagged along – I know this place has great coffee – and I just relaxed and read the paper.

I have belonged to another book club back in Va. – but my reading material differs from these.

I am more a Syfy or a good murder thriller reader.

But – I have collected some five books to help supply the future lending library!

This little library hopefully will be outside at the community center –

Where you can grab a book to read for free and if you have any – leave them there for others to read!

Inside Surf & Java coffee shop.

This coffee shop also has sort of upscale clothing –

sports (surf) equipment – shoes – men and women – and some are marked down.

Large screen TV and really comfy chairs.

View of the items for sale.

The book club is young – and growing – and the next meeting will be moved to another coffee shop to be announced on the Cameron Woods Community Facebook site!

Good company – good books and good coffee!

You can notify Diane or Sherry if you wish to come – to the site.

I will be going back again to just sit back – sip my coffee – read a paper –

and even maybe bring my own book to read!

Thanks for reading Papa’s World




Papa’s World – My blog site – 362 followers – from around the World – awesome!

Write happy thoughts!

Write about family & friends!

Write about each day in my life that I live!

You see my friends – in 2013 I suffered a heart attack!

Called ” A WIDOW MAKER” I should not be here! MY WHY!

It is with in mind – I record our lives one day at a time –

hence my blog:

In a little over one year – thanks to my wife Sherry –

I now have a following of 362 plus followers!

Of which I only know four of them!

The rest are from all over the USA and the WORLD!

Screen shot on a normal day – I never though this would happen – but I guess projecting good thoughts – happy family life and adventures of two 70 plus year old’s must appeal to people!
Sherry and Papa – (Tom) living our life one day at a time. Each day I am alive is a blessing! I do not take it for granted.

Sherry is the driving force behind my blog –


That is the reality and I am okay with it!

I write for family – I write to record for future generations so they know who I was!

Each day I open the site – answer the comments and push on!

I include lots of pictures – they all tell a story.

Each day I start out not knowing what I will write about

I see a picture I have taken – a event we did – or where a day has taken us.

Then – I start – so far I have scheduled a month ahead in stories –

That way – is we are going someplace – all I have to do is share it to face book!

On here – it is automatically scheduled!

My hope and desire is to bring inner peace to those that read this – and to see – when adversity hits home – when death knocks on your door – there is a life beyond and each day is a blessing – one that had it gone the other way – well – I am happy it didn’t – and that is going to be my legacy – living life doing it my way – blog!

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Papa’s World – The question is WHY?

It seems that every other post on face book –

is blatantly false!

I am talking about the political posts!

And – really – absurd!

Now – this is not a blog on whom to elect –

but the irritation I seem to have with all this nonsense.

To the point I have to UNFOLLOW a lot of people!

Just for me not to see baseless untrue posts.

There – that makes me feel a lot better!

I always fact check – before I believe anything.

Am I a doubting Thomas!

Maybe – but I seek the truth – I want to know about things!

I love historical facts – stories – and discoveries.

I have habits – everyday routine.

I suppose I could leave my comfort zone and venture out

Instead of my first cup of coffee early –

Maybe a shake – a healthful one!

But I just can not bring myself to do that!

I wonder if that is why people post those things?

I look at things from every direction –

to find meaning –

Maybe I am HOT! LOL

There just may be some truth in this! LOL

But – I do not believe it!

I could get into a lot of trouble over it! LOL


Be helpful – caring –

it cost you nothing but gains you gratitude.

There – I feel better –

Thank you for reading Papa’s World



Papa’s World – laughter – smiling – sharing good vibes

Many of us out here – struggle with food and added weight –

going on diets – making pledges and looking in the mirror

Well – at least I found one thing on me that fits every year!

Good day everyone – when I started writing –

first on face book and now this blog

I said I would write smiles – laughter – family – friends

and adventures and good thoughts.

I have managed to do it most of the time regardless

of the goings on in the World.

I am a positive person – thinking that most things work themselves out

or in a 24 hour time are forgotten and moved on!

I take after my Mom –

one fellow co-worker after I told them about my mother

said “Now I know where you got the calmness and feisty

attitude from!”

I have always had a quiet sense of humor –

but when around close friends

my inner self comes out!

A few beers and a micro phone

Well – have you ever heard a


Well – that would be me!

Along with the humor and good times

family is important to me and my life.

I have two grown sons

and they live in NWPA

I do not get to see them enough since we moved to NVA

But – they have made me a proud dad.

The oldest can build house – beginning to end

by himself if he had too!

The youngest runs his own energy – insulation company

mainly for the State and power companies.

And I also have two grandsons who live across the country.

Close to us are the grand daughters and grandson

who live nearby.

FAMILY is a important part of my blog. MEMORIES!

My wife – both of us have our own thoughts on love –

country – family and social society.

Each in our own way –

but we both understand each other

and support each other

guarding each others back.

That is what love is to me.

My wife was the first to encourage me to write

as she was the first to encourage me to join face book.

She told me I had to put these writings – memories in a safe place

and she told me that I had too many friends and people

asking her on face book how I was & saying hello.

I am glad I listened – now I have all these friends

and blog posts – that can be read by future generations!

That is why my blog exists – my writings preserved

My memories of my life for our kids to read and see in pictures.

To date I have 259 members to my blog site.

Everytime I blog – they get a email

and what is so great about this

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You won’t get packages or charges just a email

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Papas World – bringing a smile and good thought every day – Papas World.

A long time ago – when my wife first asked me to join social media

because all my friends would ask her about me

on her posts and her face book home page

“How is Tom” or “What is Tom doing” ?

She told me there were so many that I should be the one answering!

And it went back to my childhood friends –

so she hooked me up with my own home page

and I started accumulating friends – 609 today!

I decided a long time ago – I would follow three rules

as much as I could!

One – post something to make you smile!

Everyday I post ” My BIG smile for the day”

And ” Laughter is the best medicine”!

Two – “My GOOD thought for the day”

Three – “My smile and Good thought for the day”!

And my last one –

Fourth – “No Politics” which is the hardest to do as I grit my teeth!

So – today – I have 609 face book friends

and 249 subscribers on my blog site

of which only THREE I know!

And both my friends and subscribers are world wide.

When I started in 2012 I had no idea –

and a little over a year ago I started my blog site

on advice from my wife and her friend.

“Tom – you write your memories – and we can not find them”!

” You need to store them for the kids to read”!!

So – here I am today – writing each day – over 300 blogs stored –

pictures – places and events – 246 subscribers whom I do not know-

following me – face book friends commenting every day.

From all over the World –

Thank you to my wife and her friend

I always wanted to write a book

Now I have and it is stored away.

For the next generation to read

Welcome to Papa’s World



Papas World – Google – Yahoo – AOL – Facebook – OH MY!

Now – I am not this bad – my face book time is first thing in the morning

Sipping my coffee – and then I post my Blog for the day!

I then go to my home page

and MY criteria is to post something funny – something good

something to make you smile and or laugh

and a combination of all the above.

Once I have gone through all that – I will read comments or posts

and then it is time for me to open my mail and start deleting!

For face book I am done for the day! About 45 minutes worth!

The only thing I use GOOGLE for is to bring up YAHOO!

Where if I want to KNOW anything – I search for it!

My wife – Sherry – uses GOOGLE!

For whatever reason – I have always used YAHOO!

What I do not do is repost unproven statements –

I find – unless they are fact checked by me

I am not going to help them destroy our nation.

For that is what they are designed for – to divide and conquer.


That way we can still communicate

but I do not have to SEE all the negative – hurtful posts!

I also do not forward crazy things

such as you will get $$$$ if you forward this to TEN PEOPLE!

These are designed to get people into your friends lists

and then HACK THEM!


There – I said it – I look for positives not negatives.

The reason for my blogs is to tell stories – memories –

about me – my family – friends – and travels

and everyday life.

A journal so to speak – somewhere – after I am gone –

a place to come to and read of my thoughts – ideas and my memories.

Before I am unable to remember and for my family!

I want to thank you for reading

Papa’s World –

to date I have 218 followers from all over the World.

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There is no cost – just a email every time I blog which is each day.

Papa and Bode

And this blog is dedicated to my family and friends



Thank you


Papas World – Day# 39 – sheltering in place – we manage – 39 years!

It was almost 39 years ago – where did the time go!

We were married June 25th. 1982!

Together one year prior to that.

39 years!

And today – I would not shelter in place with anyone else.

As beautiful today
as she was those years ago
Sherry – our honeymoon
in the Dominican Republic

We were each married before – each had two children

but our world then as it is today

revolved around the fact we found each other.

Today as it was then
has not changed

The years have been blessed for us –

but it all seems to be going so fast.

From loading our big country van

and piling the kids in

leaving at 11:00 pm.

to drive 10 hours to the beach for vacation.

The kids asleep – breakfast and lunch packed

we could not afford to stop and eat

but we would find a place- a rest stop – beside a river

and they were happy and we were happy.

The excitement of staying at the beach

or our very first vacation

a cottage on Lake Erie

We scraped and saved

But we did it!

Today – we all are sheltering in place

Catching up by phone – messenger – face book – zoom.

We are blessed and sheltering in place

but I still dream – I still think back to that time

almost 39 years ago


As beautiful today as she was then



Day # 39
Sheltering in place
39 years of being together


Thank you for reading Papa’s World



Papas World – How to deal with a BULLY!

My wife said to me –

” You have to get on face book – all your friends keep asking

about you”! circa 2011 or 2012!

So – I joined and made lots of old and new friends –

And then – about three years ago – it happened!

Sherry – independent
free thinker
church family country
I love her for that

She asked me what I thought –

She wanted to march in protest

#metoo Women’s rights The women’s march in DC.

ONE MILLION WOMEN and she wanted to represent

herself and her daughters!

I have always encouraged her to stand up –

We do not always agree on the same things

but we agree to disagree.

I have always believed in equal rights for women.

She went three years ago – I watched it all on TV.

Some of the things she saw and heard upset her.

Mostly she was proud she made a statement

and I was so proud of her – she would talk to me

she would tell me what was happening

And it was all good until she posted on face book.

The first message came in PM
Not to me but to her
from a friend of mine I grew up with
” I don’t understand why you and all hose women are there” ?

The question –

I thought “REALLY” !

But – since we were friends –

we talked it over

and she explained to him!

She did it for her self worth – her daughters and to protest

the new amoral administration.

She did it for the inequality and looking down to

she had to see and hear in her work life.

The unequal pay – and yes being harassed.

“He did not see any of that in his life – nor his wife did either” he returned.

And so it went on – as the years passed
a few more quips
then I became involved

About a year ago – I BECAME INVOLVED –

she had asked me not too-

over the previous years.

I answered – and it was a long answer –

but also based in facts.

She hugged me and said ” I wish I could think like that”!

“It was perfect – you did it the right way” !

There never was a reply – but during other conversations

I sensed he was not happy with my answer.

Then – a few months ago – it got worse-

and I could see from that on face book

it was as though it reflected the way the White house

also was responding more and more every day.

They were the same – more and more ugly.

One post came through – we were coming back from something

And Sherry had been following the little girl from Sweden

Her heritage –

and she marveled at the strength of her and her message on climate change

( If you think it not happening – then I can sell you the Brooklyn Bridge)

It was so nasty as she read it – to the extent she should be shot and burried

She was mentally wrong in the head to put it in mild terms

he used something else –

She was reading this and then she said

” I do not want you to read this ” and she deleted it!

She made it so that he could not see her posts .

And asked me not to get involved.

He started to make comments
on my posts
attacking people who
commented on my post

When I posted what I thought to be a funny comparrison

I post funny – good and thought provoking quotes –

pictures and jokes every day –

to make people smile and have good thoughts.

I very rarely do Politics

And I keep it clean.

But – out of the blue he attacked the post – my friends and me.

He was doing to us what is being done every day from the White house

almost as if he were given the go ahead to do whatever he wanted!

But – in my life – I can see a BULLY when I see and read one.

And – it is not going to happen on my own face book page.

We can have a discussion
we can frame our words
not to be nasty
we can agree to disagree
but you are not going
talk down to me

I answered him for myself and my friends-

In no uncertain terms

we could remain friends but this was going to stop.

He did not like it and came back in a unflattering

description –

That was it – I replied and told him I wished him a healthy long life

and May the peace of the Lord go with him

But he was done on my site – and then I blocked him.

Over 55 years of friendship
I can see this happening all over
and it is a tell tale sign
of just what comes from
the White house
It is not the party I grew up and loved
It has gotten ugly

I had many messages –

both private and on the site

Applauding me for standing up –

not bowing before a BULLY

and also stating facts –

not groveling in the dirt

I have slowly
been not following
people who post
ugly – cruel posts

I see a lot of posts that simply are not true

The disinformation is real

they post without fact checking

sharing really ugly and slandering posts.

I would hope in this new year that it would get better

But as long as it comes from the top

it will – I am afraid become worse.

This is my setting the record
straight blog
a lot of people saw what took place
and asked me about it
I will not stand by
and see my wife harassed
or my friends bullied

Today is my putting my mind at ease

as it has bothered me

I do not take it lightly those 55 years of friendship

But I also have faith – love and compassion

I answer to my faith – family and country

Sherry and Tom

Thank you for being my sounding board today

and thank you for reading

Papa’s World


Papas World – social media a bit of kindness – morals

Today I write this with sadness – but still moral in my beliefs.

Friends of youth – but oh how they have changed.

In today’s culture – social media has become a way

to “Stay in touch” but also a two edged sword.

Sometimes it requires to cut that tie –

all be it difficult – as you also cut the memory of the past.

Posting on social media has its rewards

and also its downfalls.

Trying to remain neutral sometimes is really difficult.

But – integrity – morals – truth – and doing the right thing –

Family – church – God and country –

Giving not taking –

loving not hating

When you cut ties from your youth

know that every day the Sun still rises

I am sad –

but I have no regrets

Social media can be rewarding –

and in this case where I had to cut those ties

Friends stepped up –

Social media also gives you that.

We believe in justice – morals – integrity – church – family -country – God

In our case – the joy in social media returns

with out the negative distractions of those who try to instill their views.


Thank you for reading Papa’s World

Where friends meet the family.