Papa’s World – The final walk and then goodbye – Jo & Paul

Jo and Paul

It was both a happy and sad day – our final walk together –

and – this walk was on their bucket list –

for I had posted many times the pictures of Sherry and I walking this path.

They found it beautiful as we do

and requested that we walk along the creek !

Where we live
Brambleton Va.

It was a quiet morning –

a little cool – around 56 degrees –

but with lots of sunshine

and soon the jackets came off !

Jo Paul Sherry
at the top of the trail

During the visit – Paul and I had discussions

the politics of the day

the discord and unending drama that happens each and every day.

The stress is not worth it.

I described to him my three critiques for every day –

One – post a smile

Two – post a good thought –

three No Politics !

Sherry Tom Jo

And those are my rules I follow –

I also write about my life – family and friends –

and I try to do that daily –

Jo and Sherry

I do this to capture my thoughts –

through pictures and words –

So after I am gone –

a record remains where friends and family can read –

where those memories are preserved –

My thought on life
Sherry and Jo

We discussed stress – we discussed life –

Paul Jo Sherry

We discussed life in general and living

We discussed how no matter what we post –

the only difference it makes is to our selves !

Jo and Sherry
Sherry and Jo
heading back home

Change has to come from with in –

And no matter how we feel

we can not change someone else.

Today – we make a change by voting

and then vote again when it is time

Jo walking back home

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


Jo arriving back home

As in our walk – we start out with stress

and along the way we leave it in the walk


Living by my three rules

Looking for what is good

Life has enough stress

For health and nutrition

Living Life Doing It My Way . Blog

with out the stress
post smiles
good thoughts
no politics

Thank you

Papa’s World


Papa’s World – The question is WHY?

It seems that every other post on face book –

is blatantly false!

I am talking about the political posts!

And – really – absurd!

Now – this is not a blog on whom to elect –

but the irritation I seem to have with all this nonsense.

To the point I have to UNFOLLOW a lot of people!

Just for me not to see baseless untrue posts.

There – that makes me feel a lot better!

I always fact check – before I believe anything.

Am I a doubting Thomas!

Maybe – but I seek the truth – I want to know about things!

I love historical facts – stories – and discoveries.

I have habits – everyday routine.

I suppose I could leave my comfort zone and venture out

Instead of my first cup of coffee early –

Maybe a shake – a healthful one!

But I just can not bring myself to do that!

I wonder if that is why people post those things?

I look at things from every direction –

to find meaning –

Maybe I am HOT! LOL

There just may be some truth in this! LOL

But – I do not believe it!

I could get into a lot of trouble over it! LOL


Be helpful – caring –

it cost you nothing but gains you gratitude.

There – I feel better –

Thank you for reading Papa’s World