Papas World – The world I live in – writing!

Here I am in the latter stages of life –

doing what I love to do – “WRITE”!

Now – I share with you – family and friends –

A daily computation of events – actions –

life in general –

to serve as a diary of sorts for those in the years to come

to know what it was like in my lifetime.

I did publish one book of memories from face book

and have it so the kids can read and look at the pictures.

Pictures are very important in my writings

as they also serve as words and memories.

Our lives are all reflected in my writings –

friends – family – special occasions

and as the years go by

a time to look and reflect back

on the lives of those I love.

That is the why in why I write daily.

I hope you like my blog –


Thank you for reading Papa’s World


and “OH” I do like a nice cold draft

20 oz. and then ponder what I see around me

another blog forming in my mind! LOL

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