Papa’s World – New Years eve party – with friends.

At our friend’s house on New Year’s Eve on Magnolia Greens golf course – Leland, N.C.

Six friends from WNY and WPA gathered as we have in the past – last year it was at our house – we have done this for years and years.

Dottie – Jim – Buck – Cindy – Sherry, and Papa.

We gathered for dinner – games – cards until the ball dropped on TV.

Our hosts – Cindy and Buck, who were our neighbors for years back in WNY.

The new year begins with new resolutions – now we just have to stick with them! LOL

After dinner, the party part will begin – love spending time with friends! Thanks for reading PAPA’S WORLD –

Papa’s World – NEW YEARS EVE PARTY WITH FRIENDS – next blog – let the party begin!

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