Papa’s World – Living one day at a time!

My life since my heart attack has for the most part – been one day at a time.

I have found that each day is a day that most likely I should not be here.

It was that serious and I have a lot to be thankful for!

When that happened – I saw that you just do not know from day to day – so I live each day as my last.

I am grateful – thankful and my thoughts are different now than before. Funny how I see things – remember things – and live.

I have always thought this way – I believe in equality – rights for women and a strong military – fair pay – the Constitution of the USA.

Voting – the freedom to work and make a living – fair taxes -our form of justice and the courts. Law and order. DEMOCRACY!

The free enterprise system – the right to own a gun but restrictions on rapid-fire assault weapons.

I guess I am a mixture and am an Independent – Moderate to be exact.

For me each party has its pluses and minus – I will not be told to “Follow Party Lines” – Independent is what I follow.

I do not believe in riots – but to have peaceful protests – and the results of elections I will follow.

Voting is my right and how I will attempt to make changes.

I will not follow the CRAZIES nor worship the IDOLS.

We have the greatest country in the world – and must preserve it in light – not darkness.

I am selective on information and not TALKING HEADS.

The information is out there – you have to fact-check it.

Watching the sunset and sunrise each day – I am a morning person – and sleepy by 8 or 9.

Yes – I live life one day at a time and life to the plus each day. I read history – I love new discoveries of ancient cultures.

I think there is life beyond us – I have seen things I can not explain –

Every day I want to golf – be out in the open among nature.

Time is not on my side – time is to me to be enjoyed as it happens – learn from it and be at peace with myself.


PAPA’S WORLD – my site: my contact: LIVING ONE DAY AT A TIME!

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