Papa’s World – GOLF – always a trial and error!

Getting older has its little perks – like moving up a tee box on the course!

I have been attempting to play golf since I was around twelve years old – when my dad joined a club with a family membership!

My younger brother and I would just go out and play while my dad played with his friends.

My younger brother became a scratch golfer while I seemed to go the other way.

My older brother was also around par golf or a little over.

The genes seemed to be spread out between them – me – I am the one who hits a good shot at the end and wants to come back for more!

But that is why I love to play – SOMETIMES I do hit it straight and can putt!

For me, it is out in the open – fairways and greens – sand traps and water hazards!

I seem to find them all plus trees and bushes.

Whatever the club is – I seem to find everything except the MIRACLE!

But when I do – it brings me back again and again!

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