Papa’s World – TRIFECTA- Watch the BILLS – VOTED EARLY and sit on the beach in 75-degree weather!

We lived in WNY for 50 years – we were there when the Buffalo Bills went to four straight super bowls!

So – it is somewhat of a treat for us to watch them on TV down here in N.C.

Mostly it is the Carolina Panthers on tv down here.

Watching them on tv on a major network was the first of a trifecta couple of days for us.

Our first time voting in N.C, and we decided to vote early – we were able to find a parking space –

which is a win-win – no line so to speak – just a few people – another win-win –

The election workers were pleasant – helpful and did a great job!

No one being rude – no deniers present – or watchers –

this is what it is supposed to be.

The air was warm – the sun was hot – the temps were 78 degrees – NOVEMBER 1st. !!!!!!!

The water was chilly although we did see some people in.

For the time of year, I thought there were quite a few people!

Being able to do this on a whim – sit for an hour – relaxing taking in some rays!


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