Papa’s World – Continued – the GARDENS OF JAMES WOOD – Winchester, Va.

The estate was formed in the mid – the too-late 1700s.

The walls I believe came from rocks on the property as there still are large natural rock outcroppings!

Natural nature has been blended in with the springs!
There even is a bamboo section of forest with paths through them.
Ella is inside a small hut made from bamboo.
There are many gardens and themes inside the estate.
Sculptures are all over and these are from a famous artist who makes them out of paper!
It is very quiet and peaceful in the gardens.

Thank you for reading my blog – PAPA’S WORLD –

The gardens are located here in Winchester, Va.
Enjoy your time here!
Ella in one of the many natural stone walls – note the stone steps incorporated to the top.

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