Papa’s World – Walking the beach with MORMOR!

Hand in hands – walking with MORMOR – Taylor, and Cassidy.

As soon as we said we are going to take a walk – They both jumped up and off we went!

They love their MORMOR – Swede for MOTHERSMOTHER!

Sitting on a deck with MORMOR – sipping their SHIRLEY TEMPLES!

They are really close to her – Cassidy always calling – texting – face time or zoom calls – every week.

Taylor joining in “HI MORMOR”!

“MORMOR – guess what”?

“MORMOR – I got a new book”!

“MORMOR – only 10 days until we see you”!

And so it goes week to week – MORMOR and the TWINS!

Papa – Taylor – MORMOR – Cassidy – special times on the beach!

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PAPA’S WORLD – walking with MORMOR

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