Papa’s World – Cherry Grove and fishing!

Just a short drive North up from North Myrtle Beach is Cherry Grove.

A quaint mostly residential area with well kept houses.

And lots of canals running vertical to the beach.

The area has a big parking lot for boats and trailers

and a ramp into the water – with a long running fishing dock

many fishermen and people putting in their boats or skiffs.

The mainland side is tall reeds

and the bank is a golf course.

The boat ramp
A small part of the fishing docks
The waterway – reeds – skiffs – and mainland
The golf course on the main land!

We walked around but had to be careful

all the people casting their lines

little boys practicing casting

It was fun to watch.

A look North along the waters edge – homes lining the channel

These homes were in the high HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS!

Everything I could see – even the older cottages

were very well kept!

Neat – painted – no trash around –

Bright colors – and very small hot tub like pools!

The drive down and back was at a slow 20 MPH pace.

Which gave us time to look and see the different houses.

Sherry walking across the parking lot to the boat ramp
Part of the boat ramp

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