Papa’s World – Running for Cancer and Health – Family

Today it was run for cancer ” FAMILY STYLE ” MORMOR – daughter Tammy – son in law Marcus – Taylor – Cassidy and Bode all ran. The adults ran the Five K ( Sherry finished 3rd in her age group 60 to 69 !

MORMOR ( Sherry) finishing – the time is from the start of the front runners – her time was 40:43 !!!! 3.1 miles 3 out of 16 in her age group!

Marcus finished in 30:21 minutes – Tammy 35 minutes ! The three little ones ran a mile – after the 5K was over.

Tammy just before the finish and Cassidy cheering her on.

The mile for the kids – Cassidy finished toward the top after hanging back to be with Bode- Taylor took over and let Cassidy go !

Cassidy racing to the finish – she would of made top three had she not waited to be with Bode !

Taylor staying with Bode who is only four years old – being the big sister leader and protector!

It was truly a family run – running for a neighbor who is a survivor – running for themselves as healthy living – healthy eating and following their MORMOR on living life to the plus – teaching the rules of being health wary and eating properly.

Marcus dashing to the finish line !

All in all – a great morning outing – cold at 57 degrees with lots of gusting wind – around 700 runners – prizes – and the winner is Health – Nutrition and working for a cure for cancer.

Proud PAPA of this family – and also watching my grand daughters play soccer last night – but that is another blog !

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4 thoughts on “Papa’s World – Running for Cancer and Health – Family

  1. drjurisharma – thank you – my wife is a certified health coach having completed the Dr. Sears courses along with numerous others.
    She is the driving force behind our family’s healthy lifestyles – both daughters and their families.
    She has guided me through my own health issues – You know when you reach our ages – our primary concern is to age healthily.
    Stay active which we walk almost three miles every day – now that we have sold our home – we are going to pursue that lifestyle even more.
    Thank you for following my blog – I never know just who reads them! I hope all is well and who knows maybe someday you shall meet us. I am sure you and she would have a lot to talk about! Stay healthy and safe in these times. Tom


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