Papas World – down to the last – finally I sleep.

I guess it is in my DNA – whenever I have a task before me –

I push ahead until I finish it!

I think it also is in the Tarot Cards of life –

Me being born a Taurus

strong willed – plows ahead – like a Bull!

And it has a effect on those around me.

That is why I am much better off working alone –

Plodding ahead one step at a time.

For that – I am deeply sorry –

It is a inborn trait –

And drives my wife crazy!

Now – as I sit here – we have accomplished in one week

what normally would take most people weeks to do!

We are 98 % packed up – moved to storage –

all that is left is the pantry – some bathroom items –

and our clothes which we already have moved 60%!

She is a saint for putting up with me!

She has cleaned out and packed up 99 % of everything!

She insists on wrapping it all and putting into boxes

crates – I seal them up – pick them up ( heavy)

Move to garage to stage –

and then into the car –

either to the storage unit or Salvation Army –

Project Hope – or our daughters house!

Our daughter Tammy

We are using Tammy & Marcus house as sort of a home base

We also will take turns staying with Our other daughter Debby!

Debby – our daughter

Debby and Mike have helped us whenever we asked

moving the heavy stuff to providing another van to pack in!

At Debby’s house with grand daughters
At Tammy’s house with grand daughters
With my little bud – Bode

I look around – the buyers actually purchased 95 % of our furniture

as they had none transferring back to the states from abroad.

So – we did not have to move the heavy items

but in the kitchen alone – there are 22 cupboards & 22 drawers!

As Sherry said – packed full and she is going to not buy


Debby – Sherry – Tammy

At last I have been able to sleep more than a hour.

And I owe it all to these three –

It is not easy being with me when I am focused

But she has calmed me down and led me through all of this.

Thank you Debby and Tammy for being there for me
And thank you to my wife

for working through all of this with me – you are a angel.

I am relaxed now – sleeping – laughing – and we are once again walking –

We have time now –

Thank you for reading PAPA’S WORLD


We will be traveling – not buying for a while

And I promise to calm my TAURUS SOUL!


Papa’s World – Running for Cancer and Health – Family

Today it was run for cancer ” FAMILY STYLE ” MORMOR – daughter Tammy – son in law Marcus – Taylor – Cassidy and Bode all ran. The adults ran the Five K ( Sherry finished 3rd in her age group 60 to 69 !

MORMOR ( Sherry) finishing – the time is from the start of the front runners – her time was 40:43 !!!! 3.1 miles 3 out of 16 in her age group!

Marcus finished in 30:21 minutes – Tammy 35 minutes ! The three little ones ran a mile – after the 5K was over.

Tammy just before the finish and Cassidy cheering her on.

The mile for the kids – Cassidy finished toward the top after hanging back to be with Bode- Taylor took over and let Cassidy go !

Cassidy racing to the finish – she would of made top three had she not waited to be with Bode !

Taylor staying with Bode who is only four years old – being the big sister leader and protector!

It was truly a family run – running for a neighbor who is a survivor – running for themselves as healthy living – healthy eating and following their MORMOR on living life to the plus – teaching the rules of being health wary and eating properly.

Marcus dashing to the finish line !

All in all – a great morning outing – cold at 57 degrees with lots of gusting wind – around 700 runners – prizes – and the winner is Health – Nutrition and working for a cure for cancer.

Proud PAPA of this family – and also watching my grand daughters play soccer last night – but that is another blog !

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