Papa’s World – Memories of the past – Part Ten!

Sherry – before we moved South to N.C. was a runner – 10 mile and 5K!

She is a Certified Health Coach – retired from Corp. America for NINE YEARS!

Has had her own Internet business for almost SIXTEEN years.

Is an SSC rep for the Juice Plus Company.

Health and Nutrition – teaching children healthy eating habits.

Is the co-leader along with her eldest daughter of TEAM GENERATIONS.

With her team spreading all up and down the East Coast.

MEMORIES of ties past – present and yet to come!

Mother and youngest daughter preparing to run.

Tammy – owns her own consignment business – 529KidsConsignmentLoudoun –

She also has two internet business’s

along with her husband – and raising their three “LITTLE ONES” that I call them.

MEMORIES of mother and daughter.

Sherry with Tammy and Debby – daughters and the Tower Gardens.

Debby – also runs – and has had her own internet business from home for the past 14 years.

Is a Certified Health Coach – is Co-leader of TEAM GENERATIONS.

Works for The Juice Plus Comapny

And is a QNMD for that company –

With her team all over the country.

MEMORIES of mother and daughters.

Every month they promote ways to eat and drink healthy – supporting them on the web and by zoom.
Sherry crossing the finish line!
Accepting the medal for her age group at 70 years young!

Today – she will be 73 on her next birthday as will I.

She inspires me to walk 3 miles a day – eats healthily – and teach me health and nutrition.

Our mainstay of a plant-based healthy drink which we have every day – I have mine for a meal replacement.

Thanks for reading – my blog: my site: PAPA’S WORLD

MEMORIES of the PASt PRESENT and FUTURE to come – living life to the plus one day at a time.


Papa’s World – Memories from the past – Part Eight!

Ella – Mike – Debby – Sarah – Maddy – THE MYERS!

Our three oldest granddaughters and their parents – who lived North of Winchester, Va.

All the soccer games for the older two – who now are in college and playing soccer.

All the dance recitals and dance performances for Sarah –

All the Christmas Eve and mornings – all three awake and waiting – sitting at the top of the stairs.

All the hiking – running 5K’s with Sherry – mother and granddaughters!

Memories of family bonding – memories of family tears and memories of family joys!


Tammy and Sherry – waiting for the start of the 5K.

Mother and both daughters run – as do some of the granddaughters.

MEMORIES of mother and her daughters crossing the finish line after 10 miles in Washington DC.

MEMORIES of them holding hands as they crossed that line – staying with their mother for ten miles!

MEMORIES of running for hope for Saint Jude’s Children Hospital. TRAINING – for half marathon.


Sherry – Debby – Tammy

MEMORIES – daughters following mother into health and nutrition

MEMORIES of working to help children eat healthily

MEMORIES of growing your own produce

MEMORIES of health and science and research






Papa’s World – when I write – I express my thoughts!

My thoughts and words – relate to my own life

and that of the people who are dear to me!

Marcus Tammy Debby Mike Sherry

My family – whom we are close to –

They were all there for me when I had my heart attack

almost seven years ago – A WIDOW MAKER –

I was told by the staff!

You should not be here they said!

BUT – you are the most healthy heart attack victim

we have ever had in here – they also said!


but I had done all the damage for 40 years

until I switched lifestyles

and started my journey to health

and was guided by my wife – SHERRY –

who became a Certified Health Coach

through courses by Doctor William Sears

and the teachings of Doctor Pam Popper

and a few doctors from the Cleveland Clinic.

Ella Bode Cassidy Taylor Sarah – my WHY!

Now – today – we practice healthy eating

and have passed it onto our children and grand children

Everyone in these pictures – follow our example.

We are partners in The Juice Plus Company –

have been for 15 years!

And so have these kids – as long as they have been alive.

Growing – listening – following – example –

all part of our life together

Living by example

Tammy and Debby

These two believed in us from the start

and you can see in them the healthy way of life.

This day we went hiking on part of the Appalachian Trail

only a few miles from THE DIRT FARM BREWERY!

Yes – we do relax – a three mile hike up and down the trail.

Then here to sit outside in Social distance

and allow ourselves to have a drink as a treat.

I sometimes go weeks and months

without a beer – I really do not like wine

or the hard stuff- only light beer.

This day we had all the grand kids except the oldest who

is in college at The University of Lynchburg playing soccer.

Bode is the only boy and he adores Ella

Yes – when I write I express my thoughts

in both words and pictures

putting them down – and saving them for the people

you see in this blog for generations to come.


For – you see – Sherry’s team – countrywide –


for the very reason you see in this picture

passing on health to all the GENERATIONS to come.

Our legacy – which started 15 years ago and now is passed onto

the third generation –

lives through us –



Now extended across the country

Making children healthy

one day at a time!


Thank you for reading Papa’s World



Papa’s World – Running for Cancer and Health – Family

Today it was run for cancer ” FAMILY STYLE ” MORMOR – daughter Tammy – son in law Marcus – Taylor – Cassidy and Bode all ran. The adults ran the Five K ( Sherry finished 3rd in her age group 60 to 69 !

MORMOR ( Sherry) finishing – the time is from the start of the front runners – her time was 40:43 !!!! 3.1 miles 3 out of 16 in her age group!

Marcus finished in 30:21 minutes – Tammy 35 minutes ! The three little ones ran a mile – after the 5K was over.

Tammy just before the finish and Cassidy cheering her on.

The mile for the kids – Cassidy finished toward the top after hanging back to be with Bode- Taylor took over and let Cassidy go !

Cassidy racing to the finish – she would of made top three had she not waited to be with Bode !

Taylor staying with Bode who is only four years old – being the big sister leader and protector!

It was truly a family run – running for a neighbor who is a survivor – running for themselves as healthy living – healthy eating and following their MORMOR on living life to the plus – teaching the rules of being health wary and eating properly.

Marcus dashing to the finish line !

All in all – a great morning outing – cold at 57 degrees with lots of gusting wind – around 700 runners – prizes – and the winner is Health – Nutrition and working for a cure for cancer.

Proud PAPA of this family – and also watching my grand daughters play soccer last night – but that is another blog !

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