Papa’s World – Sarah – Cassidy – Bode and Taylor go ice skating!

Taylor – Sarah – Cassidy and Bode – cousins – at the ION ice rink in Leesburg, Va. There also is a full-size ice hockey rink here other than what you see behind them – with thousands of seats!

We got together with Sarah and her mother Debby for a two-hour skate – the kids loved it and they all helped Sarah who hasn’t skated since she was little!

The adults sat here at the table with a full view of the rink – I also went to the hockey rink and watched the youth hockey play – full pads!

Quite impressed with the arena which could rival the pros!

We were able to have food and drinks while watching the kids and they could join us for food!

Taylor who is 12 is almost as tall as Sarah who is 16 and around 5’10! Cassidy has been catching up to Taylor for the last year.

We then went to the grandkid’s house – for a short visit – exchanged clothes – and say our goodbyes!

Here are Sarah – Sherry – Debby – Cassidy and Taylor!

The afternoon ended too quickly but we all had such a good time and all the kids loved the ice skating!

Thanks for reading Papa’s World – Sarah – Cassidy – Bode – and Taylor go ice skating!

PAPA’S WORLD – just another day in our life – living life to the plus – one day at a time!

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