Papa’s World – the day we left – all packed!

It took everything I had to pack this up!

But – I did it!

View from back seat passenger side!

I tried to use every nook and cranny

Taking everythin we could as we will be gone five months!

Back seat drivers side – yes – that is a sewing machine

I promised Sherry I would work it in and I made it happen!

We had to drive 6 1/2 hours to arrive at our friends house

for a surprise birthday party

so I packed with this in mind

and had the back packed so we could remove what we needed

as we were staying six nights!

Our friends are just awesome and welcomed us with open arms.

The back with our golf clubs

we ended up playing three times with them

a total of 45 holes.

Everything here had to come out

and move into their house!

We got our exercise packing and unpacking!

The carrier on top!

The car top carrier was the first to be packed

as nothing up there would come out

until we arrived at our final destination!

Y M C A !!!!

Yes we are seniors by 16 years!

But we did this all by ourselves.


Thank you for reading Papa’s World


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