Papa’s World – the day we left – all packed!

It took everything I had to pack this up!

But – I did it!

View from back seat passenger side!

I tried to use every nook and cranny

Taking everythin we could as we will be gone five months!

Back seat drivers side – yes – that is a sewing machine

I promised Sherry I would work it in and I made it happen!

We had to drive 6 1/2 hours to arrive at our friends house

for a surprise birthday party

so I packed with this in mind

and had the back packed so we could remove what we needed

as we were staying six nights!

Our friends are just awesome and welcomed us with open arms.

The back with our golf clubs

we ended up playing three times with them

a total of 45 holes.

Everything here had to come out

and move into their house!

We got our exercise packing and unpacking!

The carrier on top!

The car top carrier was the first to be packed

as nothing up there would come out

until we arrived at our final destination!

Y M C A !!!!

Yes we are seniors by 16 years!

But we did this all by ourselves.


Thank you for reading Papa’s World


Papa’s World – The walk through – pushed up!

It was Thursday – 6-25-20 – almost 4 PM. – we had to stop at Harris Teeter.

That was the moment Sherry got the text!

From our real estate rep.


Instead of Monday – it would be the next day!

We had less than 17 1/2 hours!

Now did we panic – I did but my stable other half

remained cool – calm and collected!

“Okay – we will do this – and by 8:00 AM. – we will be done”!

That is when we went into over drive!

We had just made our next to last trip to our daughters house.

Taking most of our clothes – shoes etc.

We knew we had one more trip to the storage unit.

The final load would be our day to day things.

That – I had hoped – would take one trip!

The biggest problem – it was our wedding day – 38 years ago!

And we had planned to go out for the first time in 103 days!

A actual sit down dinner – as we are now able to do that!

Well – we shall see – but first – we can do this!

And then if we have time – we will go she said!

And we did it! We finished packing up !

Loaded the car and made that final trip to the storage unit!

She texted our daughter – we will be staying Friday night

instead of Sunday night!

Now it is around 2:45 am. I woke up –

after a little over five hours of sleep!

I am down stairs – first cup of coffee done.

I look around – we will strip the bed – and pack the car.

Then – the final clean.

It will be done by 8:30 am.

And we will be on our way to our daughters house!

Oh – I forgot to mention – I had to mow the lawn!

My plan had been to do it Thursday evening and it was long

with all the rain and hot sunny days! DONE!!!

This will be my last blog from our home.

The house will be empty except what they purchased

plus numerous other household goods we left.

Another chapter has come to a close – the book remains.

We are living as my blog reads –

Only – she has stabled my life – cool – calm & collected!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World.


Papas World – looking around – almost done!

I am looking around the house – we have the car loaded up for one more run

to the storage unit and then to our daughters house.

We stopped at Home Depot and bought two more small boxes –

A medium size one another wardrobe one.

This chair will stay here – it matches the bedroom set

which they purchased.

My clothes are in a suitcase –

A carry bag and some piled on the floor.

The utilities have been called – shut off date – the paper will be canceled.

As I look around – almost all that is still here will remain.

The final finish line is in sight – all the keys collected –

put into plastic bags and marked.

I am writing down things I think they should know.

We will be staying with our daughters until we decide when to leave

for the winter.

We will visit friends and family as we have been invited.

I look around – it has been a good run – our home – our base – our dream.

We are in this together – and we shall go on – new adventures await.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


Papas World – Packing up “STUFF” – WOW!

Now that we have sold the house – we continue to clean out cupboards!

How in the world did we accumulate all the “STUFF”?

Men go shopping – straight in and back out again!

Women go shopping and “STUFF” happens!

Another morning – another cupboard – another card board box-

Never ending – it seems I fill up the garage space

then load into our Prius V – with the seats folded down.

And off to the storage unit we go with “STUFF”!

I have to admit – some of the “STUFF” is mine.

But it is “STUFF” I use! LOL

Dealing with “STUFF” is much like above picture –

It is endless!

I learned a long time ago –


“STUFF” can’t live without it!

Or so I am told!

Sherry – my wife – is the proud owner of “STUFF” –

and that is why I fell in love with her all those years ago.

“STUFF” is what marriages are made of –

Good “STUFF” – Bad “STUFF” – Together “STUFF”

“STUFF” is what makes the World go around!

No one I would rather have “STUFF” with than my wife – Sherry –

She is what “STUFF” in life for me is all about!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World –