Papa’s World – sister – beach –

Sherry’s sister Debbie – came for a visit – 5 days four nights.


We will be here a total of five months –

Ocean Keyes – North Myrtle Beach

and she would be our first visitor.

We spent three days either sitting – walking or both

on the beach!

Watching fishermen catching sand shark and two rays!
One of the two rays caught
This fisherman would wade through the surf – going way out and then casting his line!
The beach is very wide here even during high tide!

We would go to the beach around 3 PM. and stay a couple hours.

Walking in the surf and watching all the locals.

The water was around 74 degrees.

And the weather beautiful at 82 degrees!

Sometimes we would walk down –

if we had no chairs –

other times we would drive down and park

carrying everything in the trunk

There are

Jhonny on the spots

And showers to wash off the sand at almost every parking lot!

Sherry doing her network business from the beach!

In all – we really like this beach here – it is quiet – wide and clean.

Debbie had a great time – walking – sitting and just relaxing.

Papa and Sherry – ” Beaching it”!

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