Papa’s World – we took a trip South – to see some “COWS”

We visited a resort called
where they have
black belted COWS
and Chickens and Goats!
And a community
of different houses!

We went South to Fuquay-Varina

Just outside Raleigh N.C. where

Sherry’s sister moved about two years ago.

Sherry and Debbie

We have been here once before and decided to take

a quick long weekend trip

One of the things we did was visit Fearrington Farm

a resort that has white belted Cows – Goats and Chickens.

I have no idea HOW they produce the breeds

but they are Black with a white furry belt

In fact all the Cows – Goats are really furry

as are the Chickens ( fluffy feathers)

Belted Goat
Fluffy neck belted chickens

The animals were all inside pens or pastures

and we got to see them up close

It was the first time I had ever heard of them!

Sherry sitting with
what I call
The rabbit
made from strands of Copper wire
Sherry had farm fresh
Tomato soup
and I think Goat toasted cheese
She said it was very good
Debbie had the same
I had the farm fresh salad
squash – shrimp(cooked)
with goat cheese
and it also was very good

They have several places to eat

and a spa and Inn to stay at ( $450.00 / night)

There is shopping and a really neat BOOK STORE !

Just outside where we ate
a quiet place to reflect
and next to outside seating

We walked around the bookstore & hundreds of books

had little review notes attached to them

All the books were colorful colors

and I found myself a little over whelmed

As I was unable to just focus

there were so many!

Mr. Frog
water fountain
Belted goats
Tom & Debbie

I found the place charming

interesting and colorful

Goat pen with belted goats

I also thought I would like to come back

In the Summer

and try out the upscale Inn

Pregnant Belted Goat
you could see the baby
moving and kicking

Thank you for reading my blog

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Sherry Certified Health Coach


just outside Raleigh N.C.

at least that is what
I thought him to be!

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