Papa’s World – Can we escape the escape room ?

Buck and Sherry

The reason we all met in N.C. is because Cindy –

for a Christmas present –

had SIX TICKETS for a escape room

at THE EXIT GAMES in Wilmington !

Sherry Buck Cindy Dottie
roof top bar

And of course we decided to make a day of it

at the River fest in downtown water front !

Cindy – Dottie – Jim and Buck
roof top bar
with the battleship
North Carolina
in the back ground
on the Cape Fear river
Sherry Buck Cindy Tom Dottie Jim
then it was onto lunch
before heading to the escape room
Sherry Dottie Buck Jim Tom Cindy

We were going to be lock away for one hour in a room

looking for clues – solving riddles – finding keys –

and how to unlock the VAULT where all the money was !

We walked to the building and up the stairs

to the waiting room – we had a appointed time !

We were given instructions – some do’s and don’ts


and were some what fortified with a few drinks !

We had no idea what we were getting into

HINT – on a 1 to 10 difficulty on your first try

pick a number under 3 !!!!!!

This was a NINE out of TEN !

Cindy – “WE GOT THIS” NOT !!!!!
Buck and Sherry
getting ready
before we are locked in !
Sherry Buck Dottie Cindy
inside the room before it is closed and locked
and this picture before I was told

This room is full of clues that no one has any idea what they mean !

And everything is locked –

And combination locks –

A lot of keys to be found –

and no idea what they unlock

because some are inside locked doors with combination locks!

And then the door shuts and locks
and everyone scatters
and starts looking
not knowing just what
they are looking for !

We had 60 minutes and a big clock that counted down !

Things were being found –

but no idea what they meant –

At least we were all
locked in together

The group did find clues and were able to solve some problems

and some locks were opened

and some combinations solved

but time was running out

and this huge BANK VAULT door loomed on one side of the room.

Then the clock ran out –

Sirens began –

COPS were on their way

we had to open the door and clear the room in 15 seconds !

Thank you for reading Papa’s World

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Cindy Buck Dottie Jim Tom Sherry
We failed
recovered NO MONEY
heck – we still have no idea
how to solve the clues except
for one !

One clue – a picture – and a pair of binoculars –

We were told the picture was of a building down the street outside

You look at the small picture and see the date that it was built

was XXXX off !

You had to take the binoculars to the window

find the building

and find the date built !!!!

Who would of thought of that !!!!!

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My next blog –


We are going to do another one in the future

one that is easier for beginners

the ESCAPE ROOM !!!!!

Papa’s World


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