Papa’s World – birthday party – SURPRISE ! Va. Beach !

A surprise birthday party for our good friend DOTTIE !


We have been friends with DOTTIE for 37 years !

Along with Dottie –

Sherry is also friends with Cindy !

Almost the same number of years !

Dottie Cindy Sherry

This picture was taken just before we went on a wine tasting tour –

Now – I do not have the picture of the “RESULTS “

Of that said wine tasting –

But all three ended

up in the back row seat of the SUV !


Cindy – Dottie – Sherry

So – they decided to recreate that picture at the birthday party –

which was held on the beach at Sandbridge – Va.Beach .

Of course they did not drink as much wine –

Too many family and friends around –

But – they still managed a great time.

The three amigo’s
Tom – Jim – Buck

And of course we also got into the act –

A few years later

There were over 75 people from five different states !

And it was a complete surprise –

All put together by her daughter Katie

and Dottie’s husband Jim –

Katie devoted days and days to this !

A house on the beach – all those people –

Places to stay –

Food – wine – beer – water – games – she did it all !


HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOTTIE – family – friends – co workers –

On the beach at Sandbridge
Va. Beach

Just another day in our life with friends –

Buck and Cindy had dropped in at our house for a couple days –

and then we drove down for the party.

Jim – Debbie – Dottie – Cindy – Sherry – Buck – Tom

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Papas World – Madre Gras at Lake Wales – Florida!

We decided to attend this celebration at Lake Wales.

We love a parade – and they threw in the floats!

One of about a dozen floats
and some were as big as this
and others half this size
but all were throwing beads!
at Lake Wales , Florida!
And we placed our chairs
right on the curb in the grass
and had a front row seat!
The BEADS just came our direction
to get them! LOL !!!!!
Each float had a different theme
and each float blasted their own music
and each float parked side by side in the park
each blasting their music!
There was music
there was laughter
there were dancers
there were cops
there was booze
Just sing it to Toby Keith! LOL
A lot of work went into this
on all of these floats!
And of course for my wife
a Float of a viking ship!
Don’t know how the Swedes fit into all of this
but there they were!
The Grand Marshall
I think!
Lake Wales
They also had a stage with live bands
and all the while in the park
the floats had their own music
and parties going on!
The lake and pier
The entrance to the party by the lake
before the parade
after – we could barely
make our way through here!
Thousands of people converged
and we managed to sit up our chairs
to the left rear of the stage!
A look back from the pier
to the party like tents
from Lake Wales.

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Papa’s World – get me going in the morning – flavored !

A little wine does this

Sometimes you drink a little wine – you do silly things – but you always smile – but – to start my day before some wine is ” COFFEE ” !

My favorite time of the morning

For those of you who do not know me – I have always gotten up EARLY !

Like I am up by 5:00 AM. every morning – I only need 6 to 7 hours of sleep and then I am wide awake.

Have been this way since my youth ! I would wake up – my bedroom was the front upstairs bedroom – and right outside the two windows – was a huge Maple tree.

It would be full of birds chirping in the morning -and that bedroom faced East.

So – the combination of Sun light coming in and the birds singing – well -that was my favorite before I was old enough to drink coffee !

My grand father David & my grand mother Nora

I was raised in my early years by my grand ma – she was a widow and had moved in with us.

My very first time I can remember having coffee – was when she made me ” COFFEE SOUP ” for breakfast – as she called it !

During the depression when she had her farm and family -11 kids – they had to improvise to feed everyone.

And one of the staples living on a large farm was -they had milk from the cows –

they bought barrels of flour ( homemade bread ) – big bags of sugar – and raised pigs for side pork !

So – ” COFFEE SOUP ” became a norm for them – coffee being a treat for the whole house – and she would make bread and rolls – pies and cakes all day long.

She would slice me a big thick piece of home made bread – put it on a plate – a piece of side pork that she fried –

then pour coffee on top of the bread – a little milk and sprinkle sugar on it !


To this day I remember that and how good it tasted with that side pork !

That was my introduction to COFFEE all those years ago.

And – another lunch time feature from the depression years – was Milk off the farm and white crackers and sugar mixed together !

Although I have never had either since – I was raised that way !

Today – first thing is fix my coffee – a little flavored cream –

and I try to have flavored coffee – not strong – I tend not to like strong flavors – beer included –

and I do not really like wine unless it is a little sweet !

Nothing better than to sip coffee in public and people watch

Sipping my coffee while blogging –

sitting in public with a coffee and people watch –

between church services – getting a cup of java and talking.

Those are the little things in life that as you get older – you cherish.

Much like I do in my memory of my grandma.

COFFEE became a staple in my life along time ago – and since I am up before dawn –

it is all the more tasteful in the quiet space of peaceful thought !

Sherry does not like COFFEE – she is a TEA drinker

My wife – Sherry – does not drink COFFEE –

she is a TEA drinker – I think that is the SWEDE coming out in her !

Hope you like the blog today –

a little bit of nothing on nothing !

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Papa’s World – Can we escape the escape room ?

Buck and Sherry

The reason we all met in N.C. is because Cindy –

for a Christmas present –

had SIX TICKETS for a escape room

at THE EXIT GAMES in Wilmington !

Sherry Buck Cindy Dottie
roof top bar

And of course we decided to make a day of it

at the River fest in downtown water front !

Cindy – Dottie – Jim and Buck
roof top bar
with the battleship
North Carolina
in the back ground
on the Cape Fear river
Sherry Buck Cindy Tom Dottie Jim
then it was onto lunch
before heading to the escape room
Sherry Dottie Buck Jim Tom Cindy

We were going to be lock away for one hour in a room

looking for clues – solving riddles – finding keys –

and how to unlock the VAULT where all the money was !

We walked to the building and up the stairs

to the waiting room – we had a appointed time !

We were given instructions – some do’s and don’ts


and were some what fortified with a few drinks !

We had no idea what we were getting into

HINT – on a 1 to 10 difficulty on your first try

pick a number under 3 !!!!!!

This was a NINE out of TEN !

Cindy – “WE GOT THIS” NOT !!!!!
Buck and Sherry
getting ready
before we are locked in !
Sherry Buck Dottie Cindy
inside the room before it is closed and locked
and this picture before I was told

This room is full of clues that no one has any idea what they mean !

And everything is locked –

And combination locks –

A lot of keys to be found –

and no idea what they unlock

because some are inside locked doors with combination locks!

And then the door shuts and locks
and everyone scatters
and starts looking
not knowing just what
they are looking for !

We had 60 minutes and a big clock that counted down !

Things were being found –

but no idea what they meant –

At least we were all
locked in together

The group did find clues and were able to solve some problems

and some locks were opened

and some combinations solved

but time was running out

and this huge BANK VAULT door loomed on one side of the room.

Then the clock ran out –

Sirens began –

COPS were on their way

we had to open the door and clear the room in 15 seconds !

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Cindy Buck Dottie Jim Tom Sherry
We failed
recovered NO MONEY
heck – we still have no idea
how to solve the clues except
for one !

One clue – a picture – and a pair of binoculars –

We were told the picture was of a building down the street outside

You look at the small picture and see the date that it was built

was XXXX off !

You had to take the binoculars to the window

find the building

and find the date built !!!!

Who would of thought of that !!!!!

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We are going to do another one in the future

one that is easier for beginners

the ESCAPE ROOM !!!!!

Papa’s World