Papa’s World – second stop STERLING – NAPA VALLEY and then ” GOTTS ” !


Our second and last wine tasting was at STERLING –

across the road and on top of a hill facing the castle !

Now – it was hard trying to select just where to go

after a 2 1/2 hour drive.


YES – a tram ride to the top and I do not like heights !

But I prevailed – fortified with Italian wine from the other winery !

OBOY !!!!!
Starting up !
Not too sure about this !

You will be just fine

do not look down

keep your eyes straight ahead !

Almost there

Then we arrived – some 3 to 5 hundred feet up !

The view of the castle

Once there – I was okay

And time to walk the halls

But I will be real –

I did not care for this wine

In fact after the second tasting

I just quit !

Second station

You had to walk a long ways between tastings !

Not quite sure what that was all about


But this was the jewel of the trip

as far as I was concerned

a open covered patio

with 360 degrees views !!!!

On the patio

I was happy again

my two glasses

I saved them as I went

The last one was okay !

But – not something I would order

that is just me not being a wine drinker !

Time to go BACK DOWN !!!!!

Cindy & Buck

Headed back to the bottom

and then we would start the return back to our base !

But we were told –

before we go back

you have to go to St. Helena’s

and experience

GOTTS !!!!!


Now -just think – 50 and 60’s

open air root beer stands

music – girls on roller skates

burgers and fries and hot dogs

This is that with out the girls on roller skates

but the burgers and fries are on steroids! ( really good )

Mouth watering

This is a must if you are in Napa Valley !

Sherry and Buck

The place was spotlessly clean !

And the back was full mowed grass – putting green style

With picnic tables ( lots )

and trees for shade !

and the burgers were right on – not greasy !

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


Cindy at GOTTS

And they also had their own home made ice cream !!!!

Sherry – Certified Health Coach
her email
for reading


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