Papa’s World – the adventure begins – touring Northern Calif.

We have been planning this trip for months –

Fly into Sacramento California –

meet up with our friends –

and do a ten day tour !


Our day began at 2:15 AM. on Wednesday morning !

We were being picked up at 3:50 am.

and flying out at 6:00 at Dulles airport –

California here we come !

Arriving at 10:45 am. West Coast time – we gathered our luggage

and caught the shuttle to the Budget car rental.

We then had to go to terminal B – we came into terminal A

and pick up our friends Buck and Cindy McBride

from Wilmington NC.

They were outside waiting as we drove up !

Sherry in our brand new
air B&B
View out the back deck
snake haven as far as I am concerned
Cindy and Sherry preparing for morning walk
They got lost !!!!
A look out the back
somewhere up in the back there
they made the wrong turn
and got lost ! LOL

It was a brand new place – three bedrooms – upstairs – two baths

downstairs – one half bath – kitchen – living room and dining room.

Nice and clean and two miles outside of Reno – our first destination.

But before this

We went first to Historical Sacramento –

Buck and Cindy

Lunch at Rio City Cafe –

Sherry had been here twice before –

She has had a conference on health here twice.

Lunch on the water
A little selfie
on the river

Then we explored –

walking all over Historical downtown Sacramento

Vowing – after we spend three days in Reno

to come back here and do a night of it !

Kids in a candy store
I think they were in heaven

Now – myself – I really do not like this type of candy –


At the El Dorado

And of course the casino’s –

Buck is a big fan of three card poker

Me – not so much – not sure how to place bets.

So – we did three Casino’s and ended up at the El Dorado

where I WON – $10.00 !!!

Playing video slot poker !

The ladies played the penny slots and lost

Buck would rather not talk about it ! LOL

As soon as I won – I QUIT ! LOL

Only in California
do they cut a top off
and use it for a trailer

Stay tuned – part two is next – we explore Lake Tahoe !

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


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