Papa’s World – Squaw Valley- The adventure continues

Good Morning

When we started this trip –

We had certain places to be and see –

the unexpected were add on’s !

The Village

We never even thought of this until we saw the sign while slowly driving !

So – we decided why not and took the left hand turn

And so glad we did !

The village

You see the village – but what you do not see until you get in there –

Is the tram that goes up thousands of feet –

to the semi base of the mountain

where all the action took place !

The tram to the top –
first of three leg
The Village Square

Now – I have a problem or fear of heights –

I do not like tall buildings –

I will not walk close to a drop off –

nor will I climb up high –

So you can guess I am not doing this !

The tram going up

But – the girls talked one another into doing it !

I am glad they did –

because they brought back awesome pictures

of the Olympic Ski Slopes of Squaw valley –

8000 to 10,000 feet up and beyond that mountain !

The second loop

Once they broke the top of the mountain we could see –

It continued up and over two more times –

coming to a plateau – where the facilities where –

and above that – the ski slopes –

There was still snow up there

They were told the snow finally left sometime in July –

but they could still see patches of it !

Cindy and Sherry
at the platform at the top for the tram

This is where they were told – they ski for six months of the year !

Everything they saw up there would be completely covered

under feet of snow – including the buildings !

They get over 36 feet of snow up there !

I would rather do this than ride to the top on that !!!!

Buck and I stayed down in The Village –

sipping coffee from Starbucks –

we waited and waited –

and then they came

They did it

They were giddy and so excited –

Sherry admitted that once up there

she had to restrain herself when walking around

they were so high up there –

not Cindy – she hurried around taking pictures

unafraid – living life to the plus !

Sherry and Cindy

They had crossed one off a bucket list that they did not expect !

Buck and I were content –

after all – having a Starbucks coffee in Squaw Valley Village

wasn’t expected either !

Sherry – certified health coach

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Papa’s World – sometimes it’s by accident you find a nugget

Good Morning

Exploring makes you hungry – and questioning – where do we stop ?

On this day we completely drove to and around Lake Tahoe – 180 miles !

While the ladies were up on top at Squaw Valley –

They overheard a conversation –

and our next destination was fixed –

A nugget in the El Dorado Mountains

First I must say – the California Gold Rush was in these mountains –

So much so – that this building was built in 1850 –

one year after that first gold was found

Right on top of what was known as THE THREE MILE MINE !

Entrance to the THREE MILE MINE

And – when we requested to eat in the cellar –

we were much surprised to find the entrance to said GOLD MINE

right next to where we were seated!

Sherry – Cindy – Buck

We were eating amongst historical fact!

SMITH FLAT HOUSE was the over heard conversation

and believe me when I say NO WHERE –

because with out GPS – we NEVER would of found it !

Bars on windows – 1850 !

The history here is GOLD WAS FOUND HERE !

And the mine shaft – tunnel runs three miles to the town court house !

Powder room

And in a room just past where we sat – all the mines POWDER was stored!

This also was one of the stops on the PONY EXPRESS !

And the Comstock Wagon Train Stop !

We had no idea when driving miles to find it

In fact – when we first arrived

we almost walked away –

There is a huge outdoor seating area – covered – but it was hot –

103 degrees hot – we had come off the mountains –


And we could not find anyone to wait on us outside !

So – we decided to go inside just in case –

There was a big party going on

then we saw a sign that pointed down to the cellar

At that moment I caught the attention of a waiter

It was 3:00 PM. Dinner did not start until 4:00

But we could go downstairs

and order lunch !!!!!

The soft pine bar

That is when we found out the history –

MARK TWAIN was here!

This place has been serving food since the mid 1850’s !

And that food was what Sherry said the best CHEESE BURGER

she has EVER eaten – she does not eat them !

But she ate every crumb of that one !

Sometimes you find that nugget

If that conversation were not over heard

and if we had not had GPS

The nugget in them thar hills would not of been !

Sometimes it pays to listen and this was one of them !


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Papa’s World – Sensational trip back to Reno – El Dorado Mountains

Our return trip to Reno from Lake Tahoe – took us through the mountains

The El Dorado mountains to be exact !

The beginning of the trip back to Reno

We had decided not to retrace our original course –

but to take the longer route back.

And so glad we made that choice !

The road had some amazing views –

You never get tired of looking !

Way – way up –
water gushed from the mountain

The mountains were so high that the waterfall looks small!

El Dorado’s

It was a longer trip –

but well worth the extra time.

Stopping for just looking

Our trip back – we marveled at the beauty of the mountains –

Tunnels – huge rocks and sheer cliffs –

Always a view – peace – solitude


Our day was getting long –

and we soon were looking for a place

a place to stop – rest – eat and just enjoy the time we spent together.

Our next stop –

at a again unexpected destination

found by chance


Sherry – Certified Health Coach

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Papa’s World – Lake Tahoe adventure continues

Cindy and Sherry

Mt. Rose ski slopes – 8250 feet – a little chilly but refreshing.

Cindy – me – Buck

As our adventure starts – we decided that we would completely

drive the whole way around Lake Tahoe

we ended up driving 180 miles that day !

Mt. Rose – 8250 feet high
Our first sight of Lake Tahoe
Cindy and Sherry
pointing at the lake
although it looks like trees they are holding up !
Lake Tahoe
Clear waters
Swimmers snorkeling

We would pull off road and take pictures – it was so beautiful

The water is so clear you have 100 feet visibility !

However – the average temperature of the water is

42 degrees low and 64 high – too cold for me !

However – we read where it never freezes over

The warm water at the bottom always rises to the top

preventing it freezing !

Cindy and Buck

I hope you enjoyed this part of our adventure –

Oh – just another little tidbit

The average SNOW FALL at the Lake Tahoe area

420 inches !

Way too much for me

and the last of the snow melted in JULY !

Cindy and Sherry

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Papa’s World – Around Lake Tahoe – continued

Good morning

As we drive – the scenery continues to amaze me –

I have never seen anything like this.

People are everywhere

Over one Million people visit this area each year –

and believe it or not –

there is six months of skiing here !

Beautiful sand beaches

Average snow fall – 420 inches !

Average water temperature –

low of 42 – high of 64 – too cold for me !

Cindy and Sherry
Cindy and Sherry

As we continued around Lake Tahoe –

a cluster of really tall buildings came into sight –

unusual as we had seen nothing but two or three story buildings !

The Edgewood

We turned in at the main intersection –

These were hotels and casino’s !

And a golf course –

We had unbeknownst arrived at EDGEWOOD –

A course home to a PGA event seen by us numerous times on TV.

Where they sponsor a PRO – AM in addition to the tournament.


We decided to have lunch –

and what a experience we did not anticipate !

View of the beach
From the terrace

Everywhere we looked from the dinning room –

a view of the course and of the lake.

Buck and Cindy

After we dined – we took in the resort –

walking the grounds –

and I would say you could putt a golf ball anywhere on the expanse of lawn

Ready to leave

A pleasant surprise – a fine lunch – a chance to mingle –

However – a great deal of money to play !

Yes – we could of played a twi-light round –

Not this time !

The Edgewood

One last glimpse from the car –

just another adventure completed –

and we get to cross off a item we had not had on our bucket list-


Home to the PGA !

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Papa’s World – the adventure begins – touring Northern Calif.

We have been planning this trip for months –

Fly into Sacramento California –

meet up with our friends –

and do a ten day tour !


Our day began at 2:15 AM. on Wednesday morning !

We were being picked up at 3:50 am.

and flying out at 6:00 at Dulles airport –

California here we come !

Arriving at 10:45 am. West Coast time – we gathered our luggage

and caught the shuttle to the Budget car rental.

We then had to go to terminal B – we came into terminal A

and pick up our friends Buck and Cindy McBride

from Wilmington NC.

They were outside waiting as we drove up !

Sherry in our brand new
air B&B
View out the back deck
snake haven as far as I am concerned
Cindy and Sherry preparing for morning walk
They got lost !!!!
A look out the back
somewhere up in the back there
they made the wrong turn
and got lost ! LOL

It was a brand new place – three bedrooms – upstairs – two baths

downstairs – one half bath – kitchen – living room and dining room.

Nice and clean and two miles outside of Reno – our first destination.

But before this

We went first to Historical Sacramento –

Buck and Cindy

Lunch at Rio City Cafe –

Sherry had been here twice before –

She has had a conference on health here twice.

Lunch on the water
A little selfie
on the river

Then we explored –

walking all over Historical downtown Sacramento

Vowing – after we spend three days in Reno

to come back here and do a night of it !

Kids in a candy store
I think they were in heaven

Now – myself – I really do not like this type of candy –


At the El Dorado

And of course the casino’s –

Buck is a big fan of three card poker

Me – not so much – not sure how to place bets.

So – we did three Casino’s and ended up at the El Dorado

where I WON – $10.00 !!!

Playing video slot poker !

The ladies played the penny slots and lost

Buck would rather not talk about it ! LOL

As soon as I won – I QUIT ! LOL

Only in California
do they cut a top off
and use it for a trailer

Stay tuned – part two is next – we explore Lake Tahoe !

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