Papa’s World – Around Lake Tahoe – continued

Good morning

As we drive – the scenery continues to amaze me –

I have never seen anything like this.

People are everywhere

Over one Million people visit this area each year –

and believe it or not –

there is six months of skiing here !

Beautiful sand beaches

Average snow fall – 420 inches !

Average water temperature –

low of 42 – high of 64 – too cold for me !

Cindy and Sherry
Cindy and Sherry

As we continued around Lake Tahoe –

a cluster of really tall buildings came into sight –

unusual as we had seen nothing but two or three story buildings !

The Edgewood

We turned in at the main intersection –

These were hotels and casino’s !

And a golf course –

We had unbeknownst arrived at EDGEWOOD –

A course home to a PGA event seen by us numerous times on TV.

Where they sponsor a PRO – AM in addition to the tournament.


We decided to have lunch –

and what a experience we did not anticipate !

View of the beach
From the terrace

Everywhere we looked from the dinning room –

a view of the course and of the lake.

Buck and Cindy

After we dined – we took in the resort –

walking the grounds –

and I would say you could putt a golf ball anywhere on the expanse of lawn

Ready to leave

A pleasant surprise – a fine lunch – a chance to mingle –

However – a great deal of money to play !

Yes – we could of played a twi-light round –

Not this time !

The Edgewood

One last glimpse from the car –

just another adventure completed –

and we get to cross off a item we had not had on our bucket list-


Home to the PGA !

Thank you for reading Papa’s World

where friends and family meet –

Sherry – Certified Health Coach
and Papa – She has kept me alive !

email for HEALTH


Stay in touch as our adventure continues – 10 days of it !

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