Papa’s World – AIR B&B we hit the jack pot !


And the bathrooms were grand !

We booked not knowing exactly what we were getting !

We had pictures and reviews –

but you just never know !

Hall way entrance
laundry room
and then the door way
to our own suite !

We found out later that this whole community was built in 2018 !

So – it was almost brand new – and it showed that way !

Our own private suite
with a family room
and outside patio

I set up my computer in this room

and used the drawers and table top to “SPREAD” out !

Our bedroom with walk in closet
very comfortable bed

We had our own queen size bed with a foam mattress

on top of a pillow top –

very comfortable

plus a full walk in closet with another portion we didn’t even use !

Our own private bathroom

Our bathroom had a walk in shower –

no tub but we do not use a tub anyways!

The bathroom had two doors – one from the family room !

Stairs to second floor

Then – we had a entire floor above us !

We had a family room – kitchen – dinning room –

two bedrooms and two full bathrooms –

plus a outside covered patio

with chairs for coffee !

Living room and dinning room
Kitchen with pantry to the right
View from the dinning room

It was very comfortable watching TV or eating at the table

there were art pictures on every wall – paintings !

The covered patio – balcony
Third bedroom
which we did not use !
The third full bathroom
off the dinning room
and the third bed room

The third BR and Bath we did not use !

Bedroom number two

Then there was a master bedroom

bathroom and walk in closet !

Master bath room

Very comfortable and spacious

We were very happy

everything was just perfect !

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Sherry – Certified Health Coach

Papa’s World -where friends meet family

AIR B & B Sacramento California

Papa’s World – MIKUNI – SUSHI – best for last !


The whole time we were out here – Sherry talked about SUSHI –

and how when she was here in April –

they has their team dinner at MIKUNI !!!!

She persisted and we made our last night in downtown Sacramento !

We decided to go back around 6:00 PM.

and made sure with a call we could get in !

So glad we did this

as it is the best I have ever had !

Sherry Cindy and Buck

The easy part was eating –

the hard part was what were we going to order

and our waiter helped us immensely !

The Sushi Bar

I am not one much for raw fish

so we ordered off the cooked menu

and mine was Lobster – crab and shrimp rolls !

Sherry’s top
mine bottom

All I can say is that there was nothing left !

It was that good –

It was a dining experience that night

and I am thankful we made it the highlight

of our dining for the ten days!

Cindy and Sherry

And we had a waiter that made it possible !

And yes – I used the chop sticks !!!!!!!


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Next blog ” WHERE WE LIVED ” !

certified health coach
Sherry and Tom



Papa’s World – Last full day – SAC TOWN – RIVERBOAT !


Friday morning – last full day in Northern California –

After nine days – seeing almost everything we wanted to see-

and all the extra unexpected things we never imagined we would see-

We went back to where this trip started –

” SAC TOWN ” as it is called –

Historical Sacramento !

Sports bar

And of course we made a stop for a brew

In the Sports bar called “SACTOWN ” !

Sherry and Buck

This place is a true SPORTS BAR –

with authentic autographs every where !

Every wall in the building

Kenny ( the snake ) Stabler Raiders Vs. Joe Montana – the ’49’s !

I just walked around and took it all in –

I can not imagine how they accumulated all of this !

Men’s room

And then the KEGS in the men’s room


Moving on – it was time to eat a late lunch

before we boarded the boat for a riverboat ride!

Next door to the riverboat
View from lunch
Getting excited for the ride on the river
The river boat
Buck and Cindy

We made it – 3:00 PM. cruise –

Time for a brew !

Sherry and Tom

At last – in the heat – some shade – and a couple of cold drinks!

Buck and Cindy

We were on the top covered deck

and we would go I think up river

about one hour

and then turn around

and come back!

The bar on the top deck

It still was warm even up there

they had fans

but you could stand on the bow

but it was in the Sun.

Other boaters

The cruise was informative

Sherry had been here last April

and had said the river was much higher

from all the snow melt in the mountains

Floating docks

These docks are made to rise and fall with the river

What Sherry had seen in April is marked in GREEN on the gauge pole !

Showing how much the river had come up !

To me -that is quite scary !

After our boat ride –

it was time to take in the last sights of SAC TOWN !

Cindy – Buck and Sherry

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Cindy and Buck got a cartoon drawing

of themselves

from a artist on the street !

Buck standing in front of the DELTA QUEEN






Papa’s World – Lake Tahoe adventure continues

Cindy and Sherry

Mt. Rose ski slopes – 8250 feet – a little chilly but refreshing.

Cindy – me – Buck

As our adventure starts – we decided that we would completely

drive the whole way around Lake Tahoe

we ended up driving 180 miles that day !

Mt. Rose – 8250 feet high
Our first sight of Lake Tahoe
Cindy and Sherry
pointing at the lake
although it looks like trees they are holding up !
Lake Tahoe
Clear waters
Swimmers snorkeling

We would pull off road and take pictures – it was so beautiful

The water is so clear you have 100 feet visibility !

However – the average temperature of the water is

42 degrees low and 64 high – too cold for me !

However – we read where it never freezes over

The warm water at the bottom always rises to the top

preventing it freezing !

Cindy and Buck

I hope you enjoyed this part of our adventure –

Oh – just another little tidbit

The average SNOW FALL at the Lake Tahoe area

420 inches !

Way too much for me

and the last of the snow melted in JULY !

Cindy and Sherry

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Papa’s World – the adventure begins – touring Northern Calif.

We have been planning this trip for months –

Fly into Sacramento California –

meet up with our friends –

and do a ten day tour !


Our day began at 2:15 AM. on Wednesday morning !

We were being picked up at 3:50 am.

and flying out at 6:00 at Dulles airport –

California here we come !

Arriving at 10:45 am. West Coast time – we gathered our luggage

and caught the shuttle to the Budget car rental.

We then had to go to terminal B – we came into terminal A

and pick up our friends Buck and Cindy McBride

from Wilmington NC.

They were outside waiting as we drove up !

Sherry in our brand new
air B&B
View out the back deck
snake haven as far as I am concerned
Cindy and Sherry preparing for morning walk
They got lost !!!!
A look out the back
somewhere up in the back there
they made the wrong turn
and got lost ! LOL

It was a brand new place – three bedrooms – upstairs – two baths

downstairs – one half bath – kitchen – living room and dining room.

Nice and clean and two miles outside of Reno – our first destination.

But before this

We went first to Historical Sacramento –

Buck and Cindy

Lunch at Rio City Cafe –

Sherry had been here twice before –

She has had a conference on health here twice.

Lunch on the water
A little selfie
on the river

Then we explored –

walking all over Historical downtown Sacramento

Vowing – after we spend three days in Reno

to come back here and do a night of it !

Kids in a candy store
I think they were in heaven

Now – myself – I really do not like this type of candy –


At the El Dorado

And of course the casino’s –

Buck is a big fan of three card poker

Me – not so much – not sure how to place bets.

So – we did three Casino’s and ended up at the El Dorado

where I WON – $10.00 !!!

Playing video slot poker !

The ladies played the penny slots and lost

Buck would rather not talk about it ! LOL

As soon as I won – I QUIT ! LOL

Only in California
do they cut a top off
and use it for a trailer

Stay tuned – part two is next – we explore Lake Tahoe !

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