Papa’s World – Friends – make awish and hang from a tree – Vareen gardens – walking – ICW!


As per our routine with new guests – we took them for a walk along the ICW and the marsh –

at Vareen Memorial Garden just outside Little River S.C.

Josh and Chann’e walking across the shells along the ICW

We were going to do one last beach day at Sunset Beach – but first – we wanted them to see this.

This is whefre you can watch the big gambling boat depart from Little River and go past here

and make it ways out to the Ocean beyond the international border line.

There – I think they drop anchor and everyone gambles!

And the little one got a chance to explore – there were tiny little black crabs everywhere!

She was a trooper in walking back there to pose for a picture!

Her mom and dad were right there.

They left two dogs home in care by sister – hope everything was okay! LOL

This also is the place you come to – find a shell with a hole in it – take a sharpie –

and write something on it – name – date – anything – and then a string you brought along –

you hang it from one of the numerous trees “AND MAKE A WISH”!

Steve and Elaine – our dear friends from back in WNY!

There are thousands of shells hanging everywhere.

Thirty years ago or maybe longer – we played volleyball in a 16 team league –

In Portville N.Y. and also weekend tournaments.

We were all on the same co-ed team –

and it was a tough league – if you were not watching – you could get a broken nose!

Josh was just a baby when we played – sitting in his stroller – watching us!

Vareen Garden and Sunset Beach – FRIENDS and thier child and wife and daughter.


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Papa’s World – Shopping – stop for drinks – at Patio’s by the water – and then dinner.

A beautiful morning sunrise – our friends car in driveway – and later a shopping trip to Calabash.

We decided this day would be shopping – a unique store in Calabash called Calahans.

This has been a store of destination for decades and decades.

“L” shaped and 100 feet long or more on each side!

There are thousands and thousands of items – beach – lawn – apparal and holidays – all of them!

Steve in the old English telephone booth outside

It was fun – but I am a people watcher – not a shoper – I know what I want – and I am in and out!

But – Elaine and Steve had fun – I got to visit with a guy sitting on a bench –

and Sherry got to look some more at what she has looked at at least six times! LOL

And then it was on our way to Little River, S.C. to the waterfront.

I told them this is where the locals go and hang out.

There is even a biker bar there!

But our favorite is called “PATIO’S” and sits on the water – has live music –

and good food!

We are on the lower deck behind the other two patio decks – and also behind the band.

We have a VIEW of the water and boat traffic – plus this is where they dock the two large Casino boats.

This is the waterway the big boat came down on – and turned completly around and docked right in front of us!

It was incredible to watch as it from end to end – you would swear it could touch both shores!

The Casino boat after turning around right there and docking – and passengers getting off.

It loads up here – ticket office right there and there were hundreds of people on it!

It goes out to the ocean to the international border line – and then they anchor and they gamble!


We decided to stay – order dinner – I HAD A SALAD –

and listen to the band play ’70’s and ’80’s music!

The food was good and so was the music!

My beautiful wife of almost 40 years – who is a CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH from Dr. William Sears!

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Our daughters are also in the business and one has surpassed her mother in both the business and title!

Debby is now a QMND for The Juice Plus Company –

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Papa’s World – the adventure begins – touring Northern Calif.

We have been planning this trip for months –

Fly into Sacramento California –

meet up with our friends –

and do a ten day tour !


Our day began at 2:15 AM. on Wednesday morning !

We were being picked up at 3:50 am.

and flying out at 6:00 at Dulles airport –

California here we come !

Arriving at 10:45 am. West Coast time – we gathered our luggage

and caught the shuttle to the Budget car rental.

We then had to go to terminal B – we came into terminal A

and pick up our friends Buck and Cindy McBride

from Wilmington NC.

They were outside waiting as we drove up !

Sherry in our brand new
air B&B
View out the back deck
snake haven as far as I am concerned
Cindy and Sherry preparing for morning walk
They got lost !!!!
A look out the back
somewhere up in the back there
they made the wrong turn
and got lost ! LOL

It was a brand new place – three bedrooms – upstairs – two baths

downstairs – one half bath – kitchen – living room and dining room.

Nice and clean and two miles outside of Reno – our first destination.

But before this

We went first to Historical Sacramento –

Buck and Cindy

Lunch at Rio City Cafe –

Sherry had been here twice before –

She has had a conference on health here twice.

Lunch on the water
A little selfie
on the river

Then we explored –

walking all over Historical downtown Sacramento

Vowing – after we spend three days in Reno

to come back here and do a night of it !

Kids in a candy store
I think they were in heaven

Now – myself – I really do not like this type of candy –


At the El Dorado

And of course the casino’s –

Buck is a big fan of three card poker

Me – not so much – not sure how to place bets.

So – we did three Casino’s and ended up at the El Dorado

where I WON – $10.00 !!!

Playing video slot poker !

The ladies played the penny slots and lost

Buck would rather not talk about it ! LOL

As soon as I won – I QUIT ! LOL

Only in California
do they cut a top off
and use it for a trailer

Stay tuned – part two is next – we explore Lake Tahoe !

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