Papa’s World – took a little trip – to watch a Ballet

Monday – Happy Memorial Day

Saturday – we made the trip back to Winchester Va. –

This time we decided to change it up and take another route –

Through the beautiful countryside of NVA – horse country – Route 50.

To all of you

We first made this trip TWENTY YEARS ago –

almost to the day –

only it was coming South from New York State – to check out our new jobs –

As we came through just around Middleburg Va. –

there was a huge Equestrian event going on –

hundreds of horses and thousands of people!

Yesterday – it was as if going back in time –

but the memory came alive again.

Our purpose was to go to Shenandoah University –

Conservatory Arts Academy –

where our grand daughter Sarah & her neighbor Olivia would dance.

Olivia (left) Sarah ( right)

Sarah is our youngest grand daughter of our oldest daughter.

She choose a long time ago not to play soccer

( although she was good)

But instead to DANCE – both Modern and Ballet !

Olivia – their neighbor who is going to be a Junior – has danced for years.

Sarah is in Middle School and I think will end up being the tallest of all three!

Sarah second from left

Very proud of our granddaughter – who performed flawlessly –

and to be able to control your movements while balancing on your toes is amazing.

Sarah all way to left – Olivia sixth from left in back

They preformed in Chopin’s Springtime Serenade –

Nouvelles Etudes & Ecossaise in D-Flat Major.


Our little grand daughter – growing up –

dancing on stage in front of hundreds –

choosing dance and ballet over sports –

makes us very proud.

So far in our grand children here – we have 2 soccer players

One Dance & Ballet – One Equestrian – One Gymnastic –

And a little boy who seems to love all sports

and anything that has wheels !

We shall see as he is only four.

Olivia and Sarah

While Olivia and Ella – are classmates –

Olivia and Sarah have bonded –

Watching these two –

with the grace and strength it takes – and stamina –

I have to say the conditioning is everything and more than sports .

Tom & Sherry

I hope you like my little tribute to Sarah and Olivia – DANCE & BALLET –

An act that is so hard to follow –


#homeagain #livinglifetotheplus

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