Papa’s World – Tayor and Cassidy – first violin concert!

Taylor on the left and Cassidy on the right – their first violin concert!

It seems like only yesterday they were so tiny – crawling on the floor – or walking to preschool with their backpacks as big as they were!

Cassidy – Sherry ( MORMOR) swede for mothers mother – Taylor – at the Alabama Theater for the Christmas show.

In the middle – Cassidy and then Taylor – first violin concert – they started at the beginning of the school year.

So proud of both of them – another milestone in their young lives.

Sherry – Taylor – and Papa. Love these moments in time – memories are priceless!

Cassidy and her mother – at the Alabama Theater Christmas show = mother and daughter – bonded for life.

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Papa’s World – We took in a little music show at the Alabama Theater in NMB – The Drifters – The Coasters and The Platters!

Good day – from Papa and Sherry – living the Salt Life.

We purchased tickets – three for our neighbor and her parents and two for ourselves.



and the list goes on and on.

ALABAMA THEATER in Barefoot Landing, NMB, S.C.

I guess trying to remember the ’50s and ’60s at our age is not easy –

and I hear music but I can’t really tell you each and every time who sings it!

But – regardless – it all came back one by one

as the songs came out to much delight.

Our view from our seats – middle of the stage!

For me, it brought back memories of our local park Tennis Courts.

I belonged to a group one step up from the Boy Scouts – called THE EXPLORERS!

We raised money for our trips and activities – one way was by holding dances at the Tennis Courts!

I think we charged 25 cents – sold soda and candy –

and someone – for my life, I can not remember who although I want to say Guy

spun those 45s!

All these songs we heard at the Alabama Theater from –


were played those evenings under the park lights and stars!

Papa Sherry Diane and her parents – old-time rock and roll!

A memorable concert – through the years and back in time –

this was the way it was when I was growing up!

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Papa’s World – beach day – warm sun – but cool breeze off the Ocean – three hours – relaxing!

She said to me after about a hour – you can not lean back in this chair and take a nap!

And she was right – while we had different chairs – you couldn’t in mine either!

Papa – checking my phone for Pandora – seeing how much battery life was left!

Music to the left and music to the right – I just turned it off!

Depending on the wind – I could hear one or the other and with no wind – Both!

But – what a beautiful day – almost 80 degrees – hot sun but cool breeze off the ocean.
And then they have to put it on the right way! LOL!

We decided to stay for two hours and then we added another hour,

Since we had eaten almost everything we had brought with us –

We decided that was enough and went back to the car –

Yes – instead of walking down – we drove only because we had our chairs-

speaker – drinks – little table and the food and towels!

Those three hours involved some walking – some reading and some listening to the music and watching a kite and people watching!
Soon – it would be back to the condo and this view – either way we win!

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Papa’s World – year in review – besties – and being blessed!

For years since we came South – we try at least get together every four to six months!

We all lived close to one another back in NWPA and WNY!

Cindy Jim Buck Dottie Sherry Papa

We now all play golf together after a couple years ago Dottie decided to try it out.

Walking the beach at North Myrtle Beach on our last get together.

Now we also play cards – sip a beer – and listen to and sing to music!

We have always had a great time – we travel – explore new places

We play gals vs guys in golf and the gals are good!

This last time we won by I think 2 strokes!

Cindy Dottie Sherry

Bestie’s – good friends –

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Best friends!

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Imagine – meeting old friends – memories – laughter and good times! review blessings

There are times in you r life this happens – but there are times in your life that this is a cherished memory!

We are blessed – we have a lot of friends – some older than the others –

And when you managed to meet up –

That makes a memory that you look back on and smile!


During our trip to Florida last Feb. we made a date to meet up with a couple of the oldest friends I have.

Freddie and Lynda and I go back to the ’70’s –

Fred and I graduated together so I guess that puts us back to the ’60’s!

Freddie Sherry Lynda

When I introduced Sherry to them – they hit it off and you can tell

they still do!

Fred was one of my three best friends in H.S.

CAN YOU IMAGINE – all these years and still laughing

even if years go by and not seeing each other!

Music is top of the list with these friends – singing – tipping a few drinks – and shots! LOL

We have a core group of friends – those that we try to get together with several times a year.

We all lived near each other before we all moved South.

Except Mike and Carol who still live in the old hood!

Cindy – Buck – Dottie – Mike – Sherry – Carol – Jim

Mike and Carol bought a house on the lake Chatauqua in Western New York

and invited us all for a long weekend.

They have extended the invitation once again for next Summer!

Boating – boating and more boating in their beautiful new boat

that fits all of us plus room to spare!

Cindy PAPA Sherry

Old friends – new memories – fun – laugh – CAN YOU IMAGINE!

Sherry PAPA Pam ( PJ) Bob

Bob is one of my three best friends from H.S. – he stayed at my house and me at his.

He ate dinner with us and I ate dinner with him.

We played sports together – and then – lost contact as he moved to N.H.

Later in life he remarried and we connected once more.

Now Sherry and Pam talk on the phone and we make plans of meeting up!

Which before we came South- we met up in Berkley Springs.

Pam had a misstep and injured her achilles

causing her to have surgery

So as right now – we do not know when we shall once again see them.

But friendships exist through time and miles – memories created –


Papa Sherry Elaine Steve

We played volleyball in a league with them during the mid ’80’s!

We golfed with them all the time!

We watched their children grow up and they ours!

We went on vacations to North Myrtle Beach together!

And they are alwys in our minds – planning to get together.

They were the first to come to D.C. to explore!


These are our oldest friends – we have made new friends – life is memories made and memories to be made!

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Papas World – a little bit of this and that!

Healthy eating – healthy living – healthy lives –

That is what we try to do each and every day!

NOT EASY by a long stretch!

But then neither is life.

You can only try once – and try to make it count!

Just kidding but found it amusing!

Giving and taking –

talking and listening –

another life’s relationships

Sometimes it works

sometimes it doesn’t

But it is well worth the effort!

Yes we do – and little ones as well!

We all come in different shapes and sizes –

Different levels of tone –

some we can tune out

others we tune into

But – what is incredible is understanding

all we have to do is listen – listen – listen

instead we do not hear

and when it becomes silence

then we wish that once again we hear them.

Our loved ones are always in our memories – even their voices.

Life has changed ever so much during my years here.

From plastic records – to radio –

8 track and cassettes

To disks

Now wireless and tic tok

rver changing – going forward

And the beat goes on –

The music plays in your minds

We all march to its beat in different ways.

Life is full of music and I love it!

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Papa’s World – took a little trip – to watch a Ballet

Monday – Happy Memorial Day

Saturday – we made the trip back to Winchester Va. –

This time we decided to change it up and take another route –

Through the beautiful countryside of NVA – horse country – Route 50.

To all of you

We first made this trip TWENTY YEARS ago –

almost to the day –

only it was coming South from New York State – to check out our new jobs –

As we came through just around Middleburg Va. –

there was a huge Equestrian event going on –

hundreds of horses and thousands of people!

Yesterday – it was as if going back in time –

but the memory came alive again.

Our purpose was to go to Shenandoah University –

Conservatory Arts Academy –

where our grand daughter Sarah & her neighbor Olivia would dance.

Olivia (left) Sarah ( right)

Sarah is our youngest grand daughter of our oldest daughter.

She choose a long time ago not to play soccer

( although she was good)

But instead to DANCE – both Modern and Ballet !

Olivia – their neighbor who is going to be a Junior – has danced for years.

Sarah is in Middle School and I think will end up being the tallest of all three!

Sarah second from left

Very proud of our granddaughter – who performed flawlessly –

and to be able to control your movements while balancing on your toes is amazing.

Sarah all way to left – Olivia sixth from left in back

They preformed in Chopin’s Springtime Serenade –

Nouvelles Etudes & Ecossaise in D-Flat Major.


Our little grand daughter – growing up –

dancing on stage in front of hundreds –

choosing dance and ballet over sports –

makes us very proud.

So far in our grand children here – we have 2 soccer players

One Dance & Ballet – One Equestrian – One Gymnastic –

And a little boy who seems to love all sports

and anything that has wheels !

We shall see as he is only four.

Olivia and Sarah

While Olivia and Ella – are classmates –

Olivia and Sarah have bonded –

Watching these two –

with the grace and strength it takes – and stamina –

I have to say the conditioning is everything and more than sports .

Tom & Sherry

I hope you like my little tribute to Sarah and Olivia – DANCE & BALLET –

An act that is so hard to follow –


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Papas World – Madre Gras at Lake Wales – Florida!

We decided to attend this celebration at Lake Wales.

We love a parade – and they threw in the floats!

One of about a dozen floats
and some were as big as this
and others half this size
but all were throwing beads!
at Lake Wales , Florida!
And we placed our chairs
right on the curb in the grass
and had a front row seat!
The BEADS just came our direction
to get them! LOL !!!!!
Each float had a different theme
and each float blasted their own music
and each float parked side by side in the park
each blasting their music!
There was music
there was laughter
there were dancers
there were cops
there was booze
Just sing it to Toby Keith! LOL
A lot of work went into this
on all of these floats!
And of course for my wife
a Float of a viking ship!
Don’t know how the Swedes fit into all of this
but there they were!
The Grand Marshall
I think!
Lake Wales
They also had a stage with live bands
and all the while in the park
the floats had their own music
and parties going on!
The lake and pier
The entrance to the party by the lake
before the parade
after – we could barely
make our way through here!
Thousands of people converged
and we managed to sit up our chairs
to the left rear of the stage!
A look back from the pier
to the party like tents
from Lake Wales.

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Papa’s World – schools out – little guy comes – takes pictures

Last Friday was his last day of pre – school !

His mother drops him off around 9:30 AM. on her way to work.


The ” Little guy ” is Bode – our grand son – the only boy out of six grand kids.

We sit on the front porch together

” Papa – can I have your phone? ” he will ask.

Social media in today’s World for children can be a problem.

So – we put rules in place – there is a timer – when that goes off –

They must find something to do !

Bode & Papa – playing “FARM”

Usually – he will ask – ” Papa – will you play with me ” ?

And – of course I do – we have this extended FARM SET –

and – most of the grand kids at one time or other – have played with it !


When he does get to have the I PAD – he heads for the couch –

and for the next hour –

the only sound you hear is what comes from the I PAD!

Bode’s view with “MY PHONE “!

There are times –


And – of course – the timer is in effect –

however – I got a surprise –

When I went to look for pictures for this blog –

I discovered – unknown to me –

he was not listening to ” FAMILY FUN PACK”

But was taking pictures !!!

I was watching the ball game

and here he took “HIS VIEW” picture of me !!!!

You can see his little foot !

I saved a few – but I found it quite funny to find these.

Another he took of Cassidy

He had walked around the room and took pictures !

One he took –

was of Cassidy in her ” TENT” with her I Pad !

Now these two Cassidy and Bode –

should of been the twins !

Taylor is so laid back and quiet –

Bode and Cassidy – just the opposite !

Cassidy and Bode
Cassidy and Bode

Cassidy had her I Pad set up to a video on Justin Beiber –

And they both went through the moves

and sang along to it !

When they sing together –

it is hard to tell who is who –

they sound the same

Cassidy is the protector –

she will grab his hand in the waves –

She would be the Elephant in this picture –

she always looks out for him –

always watching over him !

Two peas in a pod I call them – so a like –

and hard to tell which is which when they call from another room.

She is like a second mother to him –

and I noticed –

she has a lot of patience with him –

smiling as he grabs a hold of her and tugging her.

Just enjoying my grand kids –

next week – school will be out –

But for now – I sit on the porch waiting –

the little guy is coming –


In a while – yes you can –

but you can’t take pictures !

Better yet – you can have the I Pad –

At least no pictures can be taken –

at least I think that !


Hope you enjoyed



Papa’s World – OLD ? Maybe – but still thinking !

Good morning World – ever think out loud ?

Ever nod off around 2:00 PM. ?

Ever get up and it takes a moment to take that first step ?

Good morning everyone !

Getting “OLDER” is a fact of life – feeling it is also !

But – you also have to have the right frame of mind !

When younger – couldn’t wait

Now – in my before retirement life –

for my lunch hour ( because I did not know what else to do )

I would eat my lunch –

kick the seat back ( Buicks are made for comfort)

And take what I called a POWER 20 minute nap !

In the shade – warm breeze

I would leave the windows down – park in the shade –

And fall right to sleep!

Now- since retirement- it seems like that years & years habit –

Followed me – each afternoon – I feel it coming on !

Me on most nights

Thing is – now every day I go and pick up my 8 year old grand daughters –

I actually get there in line early – like a hour –

and there is a method to my madness !

I take a small couch pillow with me – kick the seat back –

Tune the radio into my favorite SPORTS show –

And slowly drift off for my 20 minute power nap !

I do this all the time

A lot of times I will just sit and think – using silence to sort out thoughts !

Over the years – I have quietly trained my mind to recall –

I picture events – that way it is easier for me to remember .

So true

But there are times when I just stop – and think – what was I going to do ?

I am a creature of habit – I have a place for most things –

I find that it makes it easier for me to remember !

I also concentrate on what I am doing or am going to say.

Concentration for me is my way to remember things !

Have done this

Now – I am also not one who measures every thing I do –

I learned from my Mother to cook from scrap –

She often would bake every day – pies – cakes – bread and rolls.

She did a lot of it with memory – and I am the same way.

Music soothes the soul

I love music – most all kinds –


I try not to limit my listening – on long trips –

I will listen to Country – Classic’s – Rock – Easy listening – Bluegrass –

It is my way to reconnect to past events !

My wife says I have a hearing problem

Hearing – I have found as I get older – I hear things – but –

A lot of what I hear SOUNDS like something else !

I think that as you get older – at least for me – that happens !

Still the same

My little thoughts for today on getting older –

But some things never get old – they just get better !

This month – 6-25-82 – will be 37 years –

I can still walk – I can still think –

I can do just about anything I want – only slower!

I am getting OLDER –


BUT – I also am living –


Thank you for reading –

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For health


Have a great day !

Papa’s World – Lutheran’s can Jazz it up !

Sunday – we had a surprise – we knew our little grand kids were going to sing –

but we didn’t know it would be with a drum and brass – guitars and the entire adult choir !

Music is essential in my opinion

We had searched for 7 years after we moved South –

for a church –

And we found one in Community Lutheran Church of Sterling Va.

Music has become a very big part of our two services each Sunday.

Our three little grand children have become a part of that music –

Even four year old Bode who can not read –

will memorize the words!

Community Lutheran Church of Sterling

Our choir director Jennifer Quoines –

leads all aspects of the music department .

Under her direction – we have been blessed each and every Sunday –

And these are just normal every day folks –

who she has managed to get to sing in English –

Russian and other languages !

We are a congregation that welcomes many to come through our doors –

COMMUNITY is the place of worship for the community –

And a place of comfort – safety –

Many out side groups use our space –

When we found Community – we found HOME –

When our grand kids were born – they also found a home.

So – on Sunday – we sat and listened – not once but twice – for both services

It was that inspiring – and the kids also sang for both services –

I hope you enjoy the video and song as much as we did –

It is a little long but oh so well done.

Today I share our HOME away from home –

Just another day in my life – “PAPA’S WORLD “