Papa’s World – Last tournament – travel soccer

She is quiet – except when she smiles – laughs –

caring – always thoughtful – kind –

little ones love her –

they can tell right away.

Ella – our second oldest grand daughter

Ella number 10 on the move soccer her passion

Along with her older sister – she loves soccer.

Maddy plays for University of Lynchburg – in Va. she is a sopomore.

Ella is a senior in James Wood H.S.

But also played for Blue Ridge United Soccer in Winchester Va.

For the last four years – she has experienced broken bones in her feet.

Slowing her down – but determined to come back and play once again.

Ella is tall – almost 5′ 9″

She has made up for lost time –

almost half her years of playing went away with the broken bones.

She never quit – attending games on crutches.

She still has her H.S. senior year to play – if they can – in the Spring!

Now the good news !

She has TWO OFFERS to attend Universities and a spot on each team!

She is excited – but has choices to make.

F.A.I.L. this is Ella!

She will make some coach a diamond in the rough.

Sprinting ahead to the goal with the ball

Determined – athletic – and some day will play against her older sister!

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Papa’s World – one last day at our daughters house!

We spent a last day before we leave and go to South Carolina

at the house of Mike and Debby’s

with the two granddaughters!

Ella pushing Sarah on the tree swing

And we spent the entire day outside – chilly but bright sunshine.

This is how they live – hiking – sports – outside – campfires!

Their home is beautiful – set in the fringe of the woods.

The girls have lived here for 15 years

He has a complete backyard with different skill learning activities

A fire pit

There is also a zip line and in winter – a run to slide in the snow.

A trampoline – hiking trail –

Soccer practice equipment

It also was the second weekend of the community wide garage sale!

We helped them set up and take down.

Had to wear my jacket as it was in the low 60’s!

We planned this so we could spend one last time before we leave.

It is never easy to say goodbye

but the upside will be a place to come and visit

and being retired we will come back often

we are keeping our doctors – and dentist –

Mother and daughter
Bonding mother and daughter
This goes for both daughters Debby and Tammy! LOL!

We took them out for dinner the night before

sharing one last meal

missing our oldest granddaughter

who is away at college!

Sarah you just never know what she will do! LOL
Ella and her mother

Life is never easy – leaving will be hard – but – it is time.

We have all been close in NVA.

For over 21 years.

Proud of Debby – she gave up creamer!!!!

Our last day was spent just like we expected

outdoors – blue skies – sunshine –

a little chilly – campfire the night before

eating healthy –

loving life and watching the girls

have so much fun togehther

laughing – playing –

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Papa’ s World – Healthy living – one day at a time

How many ways do you say ” I LOVE YOU ELLA ” !

The twins gravitate toward their cousin Sarah – Bode – his idol is Ella.

It has been this way ever since he could walk and talk. ” Is Ella going to be there ” ? he will ask. Ella is our second oldest grand daughter – who will turn 16 this July. Bode is our youngest gran child

and the only boy out of SIX ! He turns FIVE in November . As you can see here – he absolutely adores her. ” Ella – you want to play “? he asks.

Both have been brought up eating Healthy – as have all the grand kids. That is priority number one for their parents – even though they both are cousins – it runs in the family.

This was taken before Ella’s soccer game and during her older sister’s game. Both play – Maddy is the starter on Midfield – varsity and Ella starts as midfielder on the J.V. team.

The varsity is 8 wins 2 loses & 1 tie.

The J.V. are 7 wins 1 loss & 3 ties.

Very proud of these two and Maddy signed a Letter Of Intent to play soccer at The University of Lynchburg in Va. We will make trips to watch her play.

Bode loves his cousin and she in turn choose to sit with him prior to her game – she has the biggest heart and to see them was priceless.

We all practice living to the plus – being together – and supporting one another. This is but one more day in PAPA’S WORLD .

And Bode supports his Ella !

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Papa’s World – took a little trip – to watch a Ballet

Monday – Happy Memorial Day

Saturday – we made the trip back to Winchester Va. –

This time we decided to change it up and take another route –

Through the beautiful countryside of NVA – horse country – Route 50.

To all of you

We first made this trip TWENTY YEARS ago –

almost to the day –

only it was coming South from New York State – to check out our new jobs –

As we came through just around Middleburg Va. –

there was a huge Equestrian event going on –

hundreds of horses and thousands of people!

Yesterday – it was as if going back in time –

but the memory came alive again.

Our purpose was to go to Shenandoah University –

Conservatory Arts Academy –

where our grand daughter Sarah & her neighbor Olivia would dance.

Olivia (left) Sarah ( right)

Sarah is our youngest grand daughter of our oldest daughter.

She choose a long time ago not to play soccer

( although she was good)

But instead to DANCE – both Modern and Ballet !

Olivia – their neighbor who is going to be a Junior – has danced for years.

Sarah is in Middle School and I think will end up being the tallest of all three!

Sarah second from left

Very proud of our granddaughter – who performed flawlessly –

and to be able to control your movements while balancing on your toes is amazing.

Sarah all way to left – Olivia sixth from left in back

They preformed in Chopin’s Springtime Serenade –

Nouvelles Etudes & Ecossaise in D-Flat Major.


Our little grand daughter – growing up –

dancing on stage in front of hundreds –

choosing dance and ballet over sports –

makes us very proud.

So far in our grand children here – we have 2 soccer players

One Dance & Ballet – One Equestrian – One Gymnastic –

And a little boy who seems to love all sports

and anything that has wheels !

We shall see as he is only four.

Olivia and Sarah

While Olivia and Ella – are classmates –

Olivia and Sarah have bonded –

Watching these two –

with the grace and strength it takes – and stamina –

I have to say the conditioning is everything and more than sports .

Tom & Sherry

I hope you like my little tribute to Sarah and Olivia – DANCE & BALLET –

An act that is so hard to follow –


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Papa’s World – Loudoun United coming !!!!

We have been following soccer for I guess 14 years –

Maddy was four when she started to play – then Ella !

Now – we will follow Maddy in college –

and continue to follow Ella in travel and H.S. soccer –

But – on 8 -9-19 – something new is about to happen !

And since I write this a week ahead of time –

last night –

it happened!


We will have a professional soccer team about six miles away !


A farm team of D.C. United in Washington D.C.

Where players are developed – much as minor league baseball !

Site of new soccer field

Almost across from the Leesburg airport –

and part a huge soccer complex already there –

( where our grand daughter Maddy practiced for three years )

sits a complex of 12 to 16 soccer fields

And is part of Loudoun County !

Site work

It also contains a complex of base ball diamonds –

and both grass and turf fields.

Major tournaments both in baseball – softball

and soccer are played here

and is a hot bed for recruitment for soccer for college.

Beginning to take shape

A new four lane road with a traffic signal was built –

along with additional parking for over 700 cars –

along with lots already there for 700 cars.

More parking is in the plans !

In addition to the new stadium –

four more fields are being built

as part of the deal for the land with the county –

and two turf fields also will be built –

along with a state of the art training facility.

One of the turf fields will be for the pro team only

while the other fields will be for the County park.

Work progressing

We have known about this for some time –

as it has been in the news –

and Washington D.C. United –

just opened their new stadium –

which sits about a quarter mile from Nat’s Park

In the last two months !

So – big time Soccer is now here !


Being so close – instead of going into D.C. to Audi Field

we can jump in the car and be in the lot in 15 minutes –

of course traffic may become a problem and it will take longer

but still – to have this is just awesome !

Becoming a new fixture

Although Maddy will no longer be coming here for games and practice

There may be a chance that Ella’s travel team may play here.

Almost done

Our hope is to attend games –

and see some future players play in the big time.

Field is ready

This is a beautiful area –

and as the plan moves forward with the additional complex

It is a gold star for the County !

August 9 th. Professional Soccer came to Loudoun County !

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Papa’s World – Grand daughters – each selected as MVP for their teams.

Sisters – three years apart – one graduated this week –

Going on to play Soccer at University Of Lynchburg , Va.

The other – returning as a Junior – and made the Travel Team –


At the same position – MIDFIELDER – by their coaches!


Maddy will continue her play in college –

But the other story here is of Ella –

last TWO YEARS –

She suffered a broken bone in her foot

( one of her teammates came down on it )

And then – after almost six months ( growth plate was fractured )

She came down on it wrong and suffered a hair line fracture to her arch.

Maddy and Ella

They have been close –

very close – all through the years !

I remember the time that Maddy got a new bed –

Ella came to me –

And just like you see her smile here in this picture –

She looked at me and said


She was so proud to have her sisters white whicker single bed !

My own thoughts have been sort of a


Had she not broken those bones in her foot –

she lost two years of playing.

And in her first year back –

she was selected as MVP

and made the Travel Team!

Her confidence is back –

they both play the same position –

Ella is growing –

she now is a little taller than Maddy –

Has a very good skill set –

And now will play on –

She once again believes

after watching from the side lines.

They both hold their MVP plaques

Graduation Party was Saturday –

guests – players – relatives.

The training has begun –

running hills – sprints –

and Ella has joined in.

It will be a fun Fall

as both will start playing again.

Once again – both will pursue their dreams –

Maddy in college – Ella for two more years in high school.

Sherry – very proud grandma
Signing letter of Intent

Madison Margo Myers –

University of Lynchburg Va. Lady’s Soccer

Ella Myers – James Wood High School –

Winchester Va. Soccer

High School – Maddy
Ella & Maddy & little cousins


Hope you liked the tribute to both girls.

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Papa’s World – the day they grow up – graduate – 18 yrs.

Soon – that word – meaning like just around the corner – is about to happen!

Our little grand daughter Maddy – with her “PIGGY” – which went everywhere she went. Just outside Sherry’ s parents home.

She now is 18 and about to graduate and start a brand new journey at The University of Lynchburg, Va. And signed a letter of intent to play soccer.

Maddy sitting next to her sister Ella at Raquet Lake N.Y.

She has grown into a beautiful young lady – who maintains a 4.10 GPA. Playing soccer at a high level.

Here she is with her two other sisters and her twin cousins. With GIGI who sadly passed away last November – Sherry’s mother.

Through the years – when she was almost as small as the soccer ball – she played – co-ed and then onto two travel teams. One in Winchester Va. and then – to better herself- she traveled 60 miles each way three times a week to practice with the Loudoun RED soccer team.

Forever young in my mind.

The years have swiftly marched by – all the games in and out of state have passed – memorable only in so many pictures taken. Now – she is about to take the final walk on stage – graduate and then go on.

Her drawing years ago of her ” PIGGY” as she called it – so innocent on a swing – memory of sweet youth.

The memory of the little girl – always smiling – always so small – everyone else was so much bigger until the growth spurt of the last few years. Today – she is almost as tall as her grandmother Sherry who is 5 ‘ 9″ !

She has grown into her role as starting midfielder the last four years.

Three sisters – the start of college – leaving the home – and two behind.

The years have gone by so fast – the other two will be left behind at home – but her presence will always be felt – her favorite “PIGGY” on top of the stuffed animals – her MANATEE blanket on the wall. The trampoline will only feel the bounce of the younger two. The sound of the soccer ball will be down to one – her memory will remain – but her journey begins.

Her determination – all conference – signed letter of intent- to play college soccer

Today I blog not a end or an old story – but the beginning of a new book – a new chapter and a new page about to open up – the little one has gone into memory – but the image still lingers in my mind – PACA – is what she called me – I think because she couldn’t quite say PAPA – but she made my World – and I look forward to the travel to watch once again. The memory shall always be with me – the little foot striking the big soccer ball -and then the smile and off she would go.


I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did writing it – my tribute to the little one – the soccer ball almost as big as she is.

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Papa’s World – the day they grow up and turn 18 .

Papa’s World – A young woman – in college – playing soccer – Maddy

Good Morning
Two months ago
she left in the
middle of August
to attend the University Of Lynchburg

We had not seen or talked to her in that time –

She was at University – early – for the women’s soccer team.

She had been training all Summer –

running – she had to run two miles in under 12 minutes !

Team bonding
late Summer

The coach – Dr. Todd Olsen – is a motivator –

Team bonding – both mental and working together –

achieving a goal placed before them.

His teams have reached the NCAA Division Three playoffs


Winning the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP in 2014.

Losing in the Quarter finals last year

Being involved
building that trust
in one another

I have watched from afar

His program is the real deal


is what he says !

The Team
bonding on the field
Becoming one
Maddy second from top left

Today they are in second place in their conference

out of fourteen teams

having won the conference last year

with a 23 – 3 – 1 record

Today they are 9 – 3- 1 having played a power early schedule

Playing the number two team in the country

to a 1 to 1 tie.

Not bad for having graduated TEN SENIORS from that team.

University of Lynchburg Va.

Maddy as a freshman – does not start -very few do –

But she has played in 90 % of the games

They are stacked at Mid fielders –

So – he has moved her to defense

back line in front of the goalie !

protecting the goal

When she first started playing soccer

that is where they put her

because of her quickness and speed

Later – because of her ball skills and passing

they moved her to Midfielder.

Maddy defending

When you play this level in college

everyone is quick and fast !

With her time playing midfield
she brings to that back line
the ability to advance the ball
and draw in the defense
bringing the ball
up field
Drawing the defense
opens up the lane

I could see that she adjusted well –

She has the skill

She played a total of 25 minutes

He has 33 players on the team

With 11 being seniors !

Maddy is one of 10 Freshmen !

He subs in and out – keeping them fresh.

Maddy’s number 13
was passed down to her
from a senior from last year
who assists the team this year
” She wanted that number’s tradition passed down “

As a Freshmen – Maddy finished 5th. overall in the two mile

She finished first among the Freshmen.

Maddy bring the ball

She has handled the switch extremely well

She loves the team – the coaches and the school

A scavenger hunt designed for team building
Each team had a color theme
The coach does this team building
once a week
and twice a week in the off season
Every FOUR years
he takes the Team to
Puerto Rico
To do social work
Helping others in need !
Maddy – after the game
with her three little cousins
and Bode screamed the entire time
she was playing
Sarah 13 sister Debby (mother) Maddy & Ella 17 sister

We brought her home to sleep in her own bed

after two months being in a dorm room

but more important –

for her Mother’s birthday

and spend time with her sisters & family.

Mike ( father ) Sarah and Bode
Maddy and Sherry ( grandmother)

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She is excelling – she is happy – she is now a “HORNET ” !

For University of Lynchburg , Va.

Women’s Soccer team.

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