Papa’s World – through the years – Deb and Mike – soul mates.

This describes them to a “T”!

It has gone by so fast – the day they were married.

It seems like only yesterday –

now fast forward – and three beautiful daughters later

They still adventure out and into the mountains

be it camping – hiking or compete in a obstacle course together!

Tough mudder or Spartan race!

Both completed three Spartan races!
Maddy Debby Mike Ella Sarah

The family has grown – one in college( playing soccer) – Maddy.

One a senior and attending college in the fall and also playing soccer ( Ella)

And the third youngest still in H.S. Freshman – aspiring in arts and dance. (Sarah)

Three beautiful daughters!

They love the outdoors – hiking – zip lines – camping – lakes – swimming.

When they were young – all smiles – family.
Father and daughter – camping and hiking!
Father and daughter – teaching soccer to her.
Father and daughter – caring for her.

Through the years – teaching them about life –

Mother bringing them up in church
Mother – although she now looks up to Ella – leading her by example!

Once a Buffalo Bills fan always a Bills fan!

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The years have passed – the family grows on – always seeking the outdoors.



Through the years – DEB and MIKE – SOULMATES!





Papa’s World – always a home here – vagabonds!

This home is full of HEALTH – NUTRITION –

and our three oldest grand daughters –

Maddy – Ella and Sarah!

Sarah Maddy Ella

Until recently – Maddy was the tallest – at 5’6!

Now Ella stands 5 ‘ 8 1/2 and Sarah is going to catch her!

Sarah at 13 – is 5′ 6!

Sherry – my wife and their grandmother – is 5′ 9!

The Swedish DNA is coming out and up!

These two are very close –

BUT – Maddy eats almost no meat!

Where Ella does.

All three have been on Juice Plus for almost 14 years

and Sarah is a Juice Plus baby!

Sarah with I think Maddy

Their parents Mike and Debby –

practice whole food eating – no dairy or gluten

and always reading labels –

all must be organic and no harmful additives.

Every year for the past 18 to 20 years

they have taken a vacation to Raquet Lake in upstate New York!

Where there is no wify or internet

unless you can search and find it!

Being unconnected as they call it.

Back to nature – canoeing – hiking the mountains.

And the girls love it!

We have been spending time with them since we sold our house.

Here in the Blue Ridge mountains of NVA

outside of Winchester Va.

At Lake Holiday.

Maddy will return for her Sophomore year

at the University of Lynchburg – playing soccer!

She was named as a Freshman

To the All – American Academic awards

with a 3.85 GPA!

And as a Freshman played in every game!

Ella is on the Blue Ridge United Travel Soccer team

and also the Varsity team at James Woods H.S. in Winchester Va.

Sarah is our dancer and a film & producer of small videos.

She wants to go to NYC!

And Sherry is going to take her!

Ella Debby Mike Sarah Maddy

We are blessed to be able to stay here

and interact with them all.

Soon – in the next day –

We are taking – Ella and Sarah with us –

To the beach in Sandbridge Va.

Maddy wants to stay and work –

as she will be leaving for college in early August!

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Papa’s World – took a little trip – to watch a Ballet

Monday – Happy Memorial Day

Saturday – we made the trip back to Winchester Va. –

This time we decided to change it up and take another route –

Through the beautiful countryside of NVA – horse country – Route 50.

To all of you

We first made this trip TWENTY YEARS ago –

almost to the day –

only it was coming South from New York State – to check out our new jobs –

As we came through just around Middleburg Va. –

there was a huge Equestrian event going on –

hundreds of horses and thousands of people!

Yesterday – it was as if going back in time –

but the memory came alive again.

Our purpose was to go to Shenandoah University –

Conservatory Arts Academy –

where our grand daughter Sarah & her neighbor Olivia would dance.

Olivia (left) Sarah ( right)

Sarah is our youngest grand daughter of our oldest daughter.

She choose a long time ago not to play soccer

( although she was good)

But instead to DANCE – both Modern and Ballet !

Olivia – their neighbor who is going to be a Junior – has danced for years.

Sarah is in Middle School and I think will end up being the tallest of all three!

Sarah second from left

Very proud of our granddaughter – who performed flawlessly –

and to be able to control your movements while balancing on your toes is amazing.

Sarah all way to left – Olivia sixth from left in back

They preformed in Chopin’s Springtime Serenade –

Nouvelles Etudes & Ecossaise in D-Flat Major.


Our little grand daughter – growing up –

dancing on stage in front of hundreds –

choosing dance and ballet over sports –

makes us very proud.

So far in our grand children here – we have 2 soccer players

One Dance & Ballet – One Equestrian – One Gymnastic –

And a little boy who seems to love all sports

and anything that has wheels !

We shall see as he is only four.

Olivia and Sarah

While Olivia and Ella – are classmates –

Olivia and Sarah have bonded –

Watching these two –

with the grace and strength it takes – and stamina –

I have to say the conditioning is everything and more than sports .

Tom & Sherry

I hope you like my little tribute to Sarah and Olivia – DANCE & BALLET –

An act that is so hard to follow –


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