Papa's World – Traveling the highway – off the beaten path

We went South to Virginia Beach for a surprise birthday party –

’95 has a new express lane –

toll – opened up in the last year –

Where it merges causes a major back up for miles and miles

bumper to bumper –

four lane – MILES !

going perhaps five miles a hour !


On our return trip – I told Sherry – no more –

I am not going to get into that mess –

I AM TAKING ROUTE 17 all the way home !

I checked Map Quest – only eight miles different –

slower speed limits – so one hour difference –

Now factor in the stop and go traffic from Fredericksburg to Potomac Mills

you lose

thirty to forty five minutes –

ROUTE 17 here I come !


What a peaceful ride – hardly any traffic –

speed limit – high of 60 posted –

35 through towns –

Almost all four lane roads through the countryside!


This picture is exactly as we saw it mile after mile –

Countryside for most part flat –

Green and well kept farms and homes.


A beautiful town along the river – Tappahannock Va.

Note to myself –

Have to go back sometime to check this out !


We followed this river –

the RAPPAHANNOCK for miles –

A really nice area.

Countryside along route 17 in Virginia

The countryside along 17 reminds me of back home in SWNY & NWPA

You could do this almost the entire trip
and not see much traffic!

I will almost always take this way when I head South –

At least to get below Fredericksburg –

It made for a great attitude

I hope this helps you out when you travel South through Virginia –

Even in stormy weather it is better –

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