Papas World – traveling the back roads of Florida!

We left our rental on Friday – the 28th at 8:45 AM.

But one last stop and picture

one of our walks we took almost everyday!

There was a blocks long park with a walking path
right across the street from us.
Either direction we went – trees – oak – palm
and these yellow flowered trees!
Everything was blooming and so green!

We decided that we would avoid the major four lanes

and drive the roads less traveled

even though it would take us through towns

red lights – and maybe a little longer!

We would end up at Jacksonville beach

for two nights for Sherry to attend a regional conference

for her Juice Plus Company – and our room –

was Ocean front – with a balcony!

Flagler Beach

The roads were straight – mostly four lane

speed limit 60 and hardly any traffic!

It was just peaceful and full of wonderful views!

And we made great time and were at 1A1 –

the highway that runs alongside the Atlantic Coast!

The first beach we came to was Flagler Beach-

very narrow but really a blue color to the water!

Hard to see the color
but it was not the typical Atlantic
color you see up and down the coast!
Very narrow beach
going in both directions
no houses on the beach side
all across the road!
I do not know what it would be like in a storm
not much space on the beach!

We then headed North and our next stop was at the

first Marine land!

I had no idea this was here
And it was the location where they
shot the old TV series
which I watched as a child!
I actually met Lloyd Bridges and his wife
at a airport as they were waiting
for their flight.
Somewhere I have a picture of them!

Many famous people have been here and at one time

it says there were more Dolphins than people!

This beach was much wider
and the boardwalk and restrooms
were very nice.
At first I thought these boulders
were put here
but the sign says they are 100’s of thousands years old
made from sand and other substance
A very nice boardwalk along the beach

And you can see where sand has either blown in

or washed in?

Not sure – but in the next picture – there was a lot of sand

on the boardwalk!

Sand on boardwalk at Marine Land!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


Watch for my next blog as the trip continues!


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