Papas World – roads less traveled – coastal highway

We continued our trip North –

on the Coastal highway 1A1 –

toward Saint Augustine Florida!

On the entrance to the beach
just South of the old historical
Saint Augustine!

We stopped at a red light and Sherry said

“Lets turn right here & see if we can see the ocean”!

Well – it happened to be the access road to the beach

and this bar sat right there on the left hand side!

The Beachcomber Bar
and eatery
had fantastic fresh caught RED SHRIMP!
Very large steamed and peel!
Along with a honey IPA!

We had no idea but it was time to stop

for a bite to eat!

Come to find out – both Debby and Tammy had been here.

Along with some friends of ours

and other friends said they also were going to stop!

It also happened to be the entrance to the beach
and where you pay to drive on the beach
there was a very small parking lot
mostly for the Beachcomber
and a guy sat on a camp chair
directing people into and out of the lot

The shrimp were extra large

steamed and peel – with melted butter and hot sauce dip!

The beach street is called
“A ST”
And all the rules and directions to follow

While we sat outside – a lot of cars- trucks etc.

came and went in and out!

We actually ordered a half pound

and it was so good we ordered seconds!

Looking back from the beach
to the entrance and the Beachcomber

It was a relaxing time -sitting in the Sun –

eating shrimp – sipping some beer

and knowing our journey to Jacksonville Beach

would continue – but first we were going to stop


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