Papas World – Big Bend power & the Manatee's

Look closely in the water
there are hundreds
of Manatee’s

We took a trip to the West Coast Of Florida

To a power plant at Big Bend ( water power)

And in the cold weather –

it is a haven for hundreds of Manatee’s!

In the water
by the power plant

The water is also loaded with all types of fish!

The bay is calm –

the water warm from the power plant

There is a brand new
multi million dollar
state park viewing area
and it is all free!

The park is run by the state park service.

The walk way extends hundreds of feet out into the bay.

Sherry and Ella

There is also a tank where you can pet sting rays!

Looking down from
the observation platform

The bay is hundreds of feet across to the power plant

and full of Manatee’s!

You could watch them play

Jumping up and flipping over-

two or three together!

The walk way extended way out to the bay
The walk way cut through the mangroves!

I have no idea how anyone could walk through the mangroves!

You could hardly see through them!

Nature walk

There also was a nature walk of one mile

out through the mangroves and marsh land

to a very high ( 72 steps) observation tower!

The top of the observation tower
with Big Bend Power Plant
in the back ground
and the bay where
the Manatee’s were!

I felt the last twelve steps to the top! LOL

Thank you for reading Papa’s World

High above the mangroves
and the water and marsh


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