Papa’s World – a little place to eat on the river!


Not sure just how you say this name –

I think it is French!

And it sits on what I think is still the Rappahannock River

or one of the many inland bays of the Chesapeake Bay.

My son in law had eaten here before.

But – where ever it is – I want to go back

As I had the best AHI TUNA I have ever eaten!


It must of been the seasoning – and it was done just right!

We had gone off the resort of The Tides –

because the day we arrived – their dining room was closed.

And Marcus and Tammy had been here before.

Not many people at all – we almost had the whole outside to ourselves!

And you could not sit inside.


The little ones all had the shrimp and lobster roll along with Sherry.

She said it was very good!

Tammy and Marcus had the oysters as a appetizer

Now – I have never had a feeling to eat oysters

and I think that goes way back to my father

every Friday night – he had oyster soup!

And it just did not look good to me!

Bode almost made it

Bode wanted to try one –

but at the last moment gave it up to Taylor

and she ate it and gave it a THUMBS UP!

The view from our table

I think there were three other people there

but they also were doing a good take out business.

You could walk over and look into the kitchen from three sides.

And two ladies were busy cooking in there!

I recommend this place!

Sherry taking the three little ones to look into the bay where they saw a dolphin up close!
On the other side was a marina with tons of docked boats
Bode Taylor Cassidy

I would imagine this being a very busy place

if it were not for the pandemic

Marcus and Tammy said when they were there last year

it was packed.

I hope it stays – I most likely will never get back there

BUT MERRIOR on the bay – remember that

and if you have a chance – stop in –

The pan seared AHI TUNA was out of this world!

And the sunsets weren’t bad either!

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Papa’s World – cruising the Rappahannock – family.

While staying at The Tides Inn on the Rappahannock river

For the birthday’s of Tammy – Cassidy and Taylor

We decided to rent a electric boat

called the Duffy 18.

We were told where we could or could not go –

Stay in the large bays and not the main river!

The combined bays are really large and provide a lot of scenery.

The electric boat was quiet – large and comfortable

affording all of us room to sit

a table and places to put our numerous coolers and snacks.

We had the boat reserved for three hours

and we used every bit of that time

we had a roof to keep the hot sun off

and all the plastic sides were lifted up

so we had a breeze!

My son in law Marcus was the captain

but he allowed each of the three kids turns at driving!

I just relaxed and enjoyed the cruise as they all drove.

Sometimes we had a breeze

out in the open bay –

but once we went up the coves

it disappeared!

Everyone moved around to different seating

At one point we came across a couple dolphins

and we would tag along with them.

Here the twins are on the lookout for them.

This went on for about a half hour and made for a exciting time!

Cruising the RAPPAHANNOCK BAYS with a electric Duffy boat!

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Papa's World – Traveling the highway – off the beaten path

We went South to Virginia Beach for a surprise birthday party –

’95 has a new express lane –

toll – opened up in the last year –

Where it merges causes a major back up for miles and miles

bumper to bumper –

four lane – MILES !

going perhaps five miles a hour !


On our return trip – I told Sherry – no more –

I am not going to get into that mess –

I AM TAKING ROUTE 17 all the way home !

I checked Map Quest – only eight miles different –

slower speed limits – so one hour difference –

Now factor in the stop and go traffic from Fredericksburg to Potomac Mills

you lose

thirty to forty five minutes –

ROUTE 17 here I come !


What a peaceful ride – hardly any traffic –

speed limit – high of 60 posted –

35 through towns –

Almost all four lane roads through the countryside!


This picture is exactly as we saw it mile after mile –

Countryside for most part flat –

Green and well kept farms and homes.


A beautiful town along the river – Tappahannock Va.

Note to myself –

Have to go back sometime to check this out !


We followed this river –

the RAPPAHANNOCK for miles –

A really nice area.

Countryside along route 17 in Virginia

The countryside along 17 reminds me of back home in SWNY & NWPA

You could do this almost the entire trip
and not see much traffic!

I will almost always take this way when I head South –

At least to get below Fredericksburg –

It made for a great attitude

I hope this helps you out when you travel South through Virginia –

Even in stormy weather it is better –

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