Papa’s World – Night at Barefoot landing with Christmas lights.

Barefoot Landing, North Myrtle Beach, S.C. all lit up with Christmas lights – a magical place!

Soon after a beach day for a few hours – we headed for Barefoot Landing, about forty minutes away.

This perhaps is our favorite place to go and walk – even during the day – once around is a little over a mile – plus all the shops!

We first went here when we lived for nine months in a condo at ocean Keyes – in N.M.B. and during the pandemic.

This was mostly a ghost town then – but walking in the open air and sunshine was our therapy for covid.

Throughout the pandemic – we have been down here – living our dream life and now every day is an adventure.

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Barefoot landing – on our way to the Alabama Theater to watch the Christmas show with Tammy – Marcus Cassidy Bode and Taylor.


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