Papa’s World – A Christmas to Remember.

Marcus – Taylor – Marley – Cassidy – Tammy – Bode! The day after Christmas they came to spend four days with us!

Instead of gifts – we took them to see the Christmas Pirates Voyage – our way of giving them memories!

Bode – Cassidy, and Taylor – waiting for the doors to open and go to our assigned seats!

Papa and Sherry ( MORMOR) Swede for Mother’s Mother! About to go in – they are so excited!

Inside before the lights come on – water and lagoon and pirate ships!

Papa takes a selfie while Sherry captures one herself!

About to get our drinks and then the food starts coming while the show begins and continues for two hours!

It was a very good show and all were impressed – the Christmas show is different from the regular show!

After it was over we gathered outside for a picture in front of the Christmas tree.

MEMORIES for a present and the beginning of the next three days!


BODE – TAYLOR – CASSIDY – Papa’s World!

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