Papa’s World – A wind storm – hunkering down!

It was very windy out – a storm had hit the gulf coast

and was working its way North only inland from where we were.

However – it was very windy

and here at Ocean Keyes – there are very large

old time growth of live Oaks and Pine trees!

The kind that soar way up into the sky!

This picture I took standing at the fourth floor landing

of the condo we are living in.

It still went high above me!

And the tree branches were swaying back and forth.

We went for a short walk and decided it was not safe enough!

Small pieces of branches were coming down.

Small but large enough to really hurt you

if they hit you!

Well – not this! LOL

But – we did go back inside to wait it out!

And we tracked the storm to see how long this would be this way!

We then went out onto the Lanai – which is all screened in.

The wind seemed to be more at the front of the condo

and although we could see it come across the small lake

we were comfortable sitting on the Lanai!

So – we had lunch and broke out the new game we bought

called Rummikub!

And ended up sitting out there for a couple hours

while the storm passed us by!


We have begun our new life

living life one day at a time.

Thank you for reading Papa’s World




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