Rock & Roll – From the Past to the Future – One Generation to the next.

2014-10-25 19.41.05         Debby  &  Sherry

Saturday night – 10-25-14  Blue Fin – Memphis Tenn.  Daughter & Mother – connecting from the 50’s to Present !

How many of you out there have the pleasure of spending time with you children , bringing back the past into the future ?

How many bond in such a way that you are excited to be with one another and share that experience ?

That has taken place many times over the last eight years. Although our youngest daughter Tammy, was unable to be with us as she is having a baby and unable to travel , Debby is right by her mother’s side – sharing the moment and dressing up in 50’s outfit just as her mother is.

Now the normal questions are asked – what did they wear -how was their hair – do you have pictures – what shoes do we have – what about makeup – they were endless – but – in the end – they were adorable and so much alike.

Rock and Roll introduced us to the music of today – and before that the blues – but time has a funny way of bringing the Past to the Future – you could swap one for the other in time – and they would be the same.

Loving – caring – sharing – teaching – from one generation to the next – now I await a few years and see what Debby does with her three daughters and how she answers their questions – You wore your hair up like what? Do you have any pictures ?

YES WE DO – that is what Grand Parents do- they keep the pictures so grand children can some day immolate their parents!


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