Papa’s World – a night at Broadway Play!

I had no idea what to expect

nor did I even know what it was about!

Sherry said – how would you like to

go to the local theater and see


“Of course” I said!

So we bought the tickets
and a mile and one half away

Our tickets for a play that came from Broadway

were just $28.00 each!

And the venue is small

maybe 350 people!

This was a surprise and delightful
I had no idea and all the songs and music
were written by CINDY LAUPER!

We had a blast – laughing – clapping – and really enjoying

something that is not main stream

and about a subjuct not many talk about!

Drag Queen and her ensemble

save a shoe factory from going out of business!

Our view of the stage
Almost full and we had a great view

The cast was local and from Disney World

The Drag Queen and her Entourage- 7 strong –

where all real !

And they were amazing!

The entire cast
curtain call
each and everyone
sang and danced
amazing the talent
all that separates everyone
is but a chance and a break!

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


Sherry and Papa

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