Papas World – Took a little trip – with ELLA!

We had been planning this for 6 months –

She turned 16 last Summer and for her present

We would take her to the thing she wanted the most!

Ever since she could talk and walk


Everything in her bedroom – STAR WARS!

So – we were coming to Florida for a month

just to get out of the cold

We could take her out of school

( she had all her classes caught up)

And we found good price on plane ticket home

( it cost more to check her bag than her ticket)

Star Wars
her birthday wish!

We arrived on Saturday in Winter Haven

and we had tickets for Monday at Hollywood Studios!

Ella and Sherry

It was everything she wanted!

Ella and the
Storm troopers!
Sherry and Ella
having fun in one of the stores

We managed to either ride or attend 10 different rides

and shows while we were there!

Ella showed us
how to operate the TV
in our condo! LOL

She is quiet and so good respectful

For some reason when ever she gets into a car

she falls asleep!

Heading for our first ride
sunshine and cool
43 degrees!

We made it to the rides

the longest wait was a little over a hour

some were only 20 minutes

and several of the shows we walked right in!

You can see
just how happy she is!

She is so easy to take anywhere

polite – quiet -and thankful!

Ella and Sherry
on the spinning ride!

It was a long day – we stayed until after the park closed!

I would take her anywhere!

Ella and Sherry

Walking together – grand daughter and grand mother

A picture says it all

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


Papa’s World

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