Papas World – just clearing up my mind on thoughts!

Now – I wish I was as quick in my mind

for this to be a come back to someone!

But I think this is oh so true!

This reminds me so much of our two granddaughters

Sarah – the youngest of three

she is something and will be someone

when she is on her own.

Love her independence!

And then there is Cassidy –

smallest of the twins

But – independent – LOVES HER MORMOR!

She also will be someone when she grows up!

I know of one household where this seems to exist!

Now – in the recent past –

I managed to suck up a sock

while running the vacuum cleaner

my fault entirely

but at one of our kids homes

the tupperware situation

A hundred lids- and you have to sort

to find the containers

But – I may suck up the sock and replace it

Finding lids is something I am not good at!

And last but not least

This sign needs to be displayed in the Halls of Congress

and in the Chambers pf the Senate

However – there has to be someone bright enough to GET IT!

Too many LAMBS

Too much watching out for oneself

There needs to be TERM LIMITS!

But – again – it will not happen.

Sherry and Tom

Just some clearing the mind

Thank you for reading Papa’s World


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