Papa’s World – The life we live over the years.

On one of our many trips with friends

We have explored and traveled the World together and with close friends.

Even today – where we have settled into our home – we take the offbeat paths –

exploring – looking – finding small visual treasures!

Family – Capital in the background in DC.

When in NVA – we lived close to the nation’s capital –

often taking the metro in with the grandkids.

Walking and exploring – visiting the museums.

Attending THE ELTON’S with Debby

Twice a year we travel either the East Coast or the West Coast for the national conference.

Seeing old friends and meeting new ones – TEAM GENERATIONS was born of this.

The iconic tree of PEBBLE BEACH California.

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PAPA’S WORLD – The life we live over the years!

Papas World – just clearing up my mind on thoughts!

Now – I wish I was as quick in my mind

for this to be a come back to someone!

But I think this is oh so true!

This reminds me so much of our two granddaughters

Sarah – the youngest of three

she is something and will be someone

when she is on her own.

Love her independence!

And then there is Cassidy –

smallest of the twins

But – independent – LOVES HER MORMOR!

She also will be someone when she grows up!

I know of one household where this seems to exist!

Now – in the recent past –

I managed to suck up a sock

while running the vacuum cleaner

my fault entirely

but at one of our kids homes

the tupperware situation

A hundred lids- and you have to sort

to find the containers

But – I may suck up the sock and replace it

Finding lids is something I am not good at!

And last but not least

This sign needs to be displayed in the Halls of Congress

and in the Chambers pf the Senate

However – there has to be someone bright enough to GET IT!

Too many LAMBS

Too much watching out for oneself

There needs to be TERM LIMITS!

But – again – it will not happen.

Sherry and Tom

Just some clearing the mind

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Papas World – golfing- staying in touch – 38 yrs.

We played softball together in the mid ’70’s

and continued until I turned 40.

Then I played volleyball –

sometimes we played together

when I turned 48 –

I was getting too old – I turned to golf

and today – we still get together

drink a few beers and swing away

me more often than him! LOL

My buddy Jim

I am 9 years older – but we first met on the softball field

I went to his wedding

and we have been friends ever since.

We worked together before we moved

and along the way he introduced me to his friend Buck!

Buck Tom Jim
the three Amigo’s
as my wife Sherry says!

We ended up living right across the street from Buck and Cindy.

And we all would meet up-

and to this day some 35 plus years later – we still do!

Sherry Buck Cindy Dottie

Every 4 to 6 months we try to do this –

going from one house to the other

Buck and Cindy live just South of Wilmington N.C. now.

Jim and Dottie now live in Va. Beach area.

And of course we live SW of DC.

Our journey from back home – NWPA and SWNY has evolved

But we still stay in touch!

Sherry Dottie Cindy

These three together laugh and laugh –

and they sneak the fireball!

Esp. when we golf – it almost always is guys vs. the gals.

And let me tell you – NO STROKES !

Jim wants to give strokes -and they will whip us!

We have played for years and years even up

and most often it comes down to one stroke difference!

Jim and Sherry

We all were Bills fans – we kind of adopted the Redskins

only because when we moved -no one carried the Bills.

We tried for three years – there were two Sports bars

but it took a long time to get to them in DC traffic.

So – we still followed the Bills and watched the skins.

Cindy Jim Sherry Dottie

But Cindy and Buck – Dottie and Jim have remained die hard Bills Fans!

We got together this season in Wilmington

and all went to a Sports bar called the Lazy Pirate –

where we watched the Bills win!

Cindy Buck Sherry Tom

On our trip to Northern California – at a Sports bar –

in old town Sacramento!

We have been trying to get Jim and Dottie to come along

with us on one of our trips.

Maybe this year they will!

Sherry Dottie Buck
Cindy Tom Jim

It will happen one of these times

Maybe Nashville – or Gatlinburg or Oregon!

Who know where it will be next!

This is us

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We are blessed to have friends such as these

the three AMIGO’S
Buck and Cindy’s house
is in the background

Papas World – singing before the White House Christmas Tree!

Madison Trust 4th. grade Chorus

We traveled into DC to watch our twin grand daughters

sing in a fourth grade chorus of 110 classmates!

Papa – Bode & MorMor

But first we had to get there – so we took Bode on the Metro!

Five year old grandson

And you can see the excitement in his eyes!

Riding the train!

Coming up
at the Regan Center

We arrived around 3:00 pm. The girls were to sing at 5:00 pm.

So – we walked to

the Elephant & Castle to have lunch!

MorMor ( Sherry) & Bode

We were going to meet Tammy and Marcus

and we killed some time before going back outside

in the wind and cold –

18 degrees wind chill!

Marcus Bode Tammy
We met up
but the gates were closed
because somewhere there
was a incident
we never learned what it was!

So – we walked up the street to Old Ebbit Grill

And they had some wine

and got warmed up!

Tammy and Bode
at Old Ebbits Grill

When we walked back down the street

we found all 110 kids standing outside the gate

they still were not allowed in!

We found Taylor
and of course as always
a big smile!
And then we found Cassidy
so darned cute in her
purple hat and scarf!

Soon – the secret service and the park police arrived

and opened up all the gates –

Then it was onto the Christmas Tree stage

The stage with
the White house
Christmas tree behind it!

It was really cold and the wind was blowing

All the kids were ushered into a big tent

where they grouped up – got warm

and waited to come out!

The director of the choir
and Cassidy in Purple
climbing up to her spot
on the top row

Cassidy ended up on the top row – and you could see her rising

up and down on her tiptoes to be seen! LOL

Taylor ended up in the front row

Then they began to sing – and I was very impressed!

The Madison Trust fourth grade chorus

They sang five songs – and they were really good –

All are classmates of the fourth grade in the school they attend.

The White House Christmas Tree
The WHITE HOUSE in the background
Each small tree is from all the different states
Beautiful sky
behind the tree
Some of the toy towns and trains on the lawn
Sherry with the Washington Monument
in the back ground
It was cold!
Cassidy – fifth from the right

It was well worth the cold and wind –

the kids were great

and the setting beautiful

We have been here a number of times

and it always sends s shiver

and a good feeling.

They will remember this –

when they were young



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Papa’s World – 1999 – we first saw it – 2019 – the last one “ROLLING THUNDER”


Memorial Day weekend – 1999 –

e had just agreed to a transfer to work in NVA –

the Three of us – Sherry – myself and our youngest daughter Tammy –

Had just come up on the street in D.C. at Foggy Bottom –

George Washington University –

we were going to tour Washington – when we heard the ROAR !

MOTOR CYCLES – a lot of motor cycles – what was going on ?

Thousands of Motorcycles

There were bikes everywhere – parked – every place you could fit one –

and flags – black leather – tattoo’s – noise – vendors –

As we walked down hill and closer to Constitution Avenue – the crowds were huge !

Our grand daughters – Ella and Maddy

2019 – Memorial Day weekend – 20 years to the day later –

we retraced those steps –

this time with our two oldest grand daughters – Ella & Maddy Myers.

Just across the 14 th. street bridge the Pentagon parking lot.

They had come to stay with us for a couple days –

these two laugh and giggle all the time –

but across the bridge – from the Pentagon – came the noise

The ROAR – thousands and thousands of bikes – riders – flags on the rear –

And lining the street – sometimes 10 deep –

the whole of Constitution Avenue – Tens of thousands of people !

We met up with family

We met up with part of our family who had come from afar – Pa. & N.C.-Va.

To see what is to be the LAST RIDE of


It has gotten too costly – and I guess some ill will from the Pentagon –

Too bad as they are riding for our VETS – POW’S and MIA’S !

Ella- Sherry – Maddy and me

What we first saw 20 years ago – we were able to share with these two.

A beautiful day to walk around –

see DC as you never see it with Bikes everywhere !

And to share this with family !

Nathan – Mr. “B” – Lindsey from Pa.

Kristy & Casey from N.C.
Mia & Olivia from NC

We spent the day watching the ” ROAR” which went from Noon –

and was still going at 4:00 PM.

Cousins – with the Balsis and Jones family

Kyle and Bethany from Manassas Va. – their five children and a guest .

Casey and Tom- PICK A PAIR ! LOL
They parked everywhere they could find a space
Ella – Maddy and Sherry
Our oldest grand daughter Maddy – a American Elm tree planted in 1850
The Capital from the Mall

My happy place when we visit and walk DC – THE MALL !

It says it all

20 years we have been doing this –

bringing family – friends and sometimes just ourselves –

riding in on the Metro or driving in –

Wishing everyone a great Memorial day –



The “ROARING THUNDER ” was established for the VETS of the Vietnam War.

Today – it is a symbol for ALL VETS –

let us not forget those Vets –

And each day forward –

let us remember the NAM vets in a war no one wanted –

but they served –

They were not welcomed home –

politics has a way of doing that –

” ROLLING THUNDER ” was for them –

and my memories go back to that day in 1999 –

I am forever grateful for them –

for by the grace of God – it could of been me.

Sherry & Tom

I hope you enjoyed our little trip down memory lane –

many times we have stood right here.

Thank you –

#livinglifetotheplus #homeagain