Papa’s World – Smile a little- Happy July 4 th.

Every once in a while – you just have to sit back and see the funny side!


As we prepare to celebrate our NATIONS BIRTH – have a cup of brew –

Take a sip and relax – read the paper or better yet – some funny stuff !

In the eye of the STORM !

Political ” STUFF ” is just that –

sometimes go to the back page and smile

At all the advertisements –

Release your inner self – look at the funnies !

Be creative

See what is in front of you and be creative –

Smile for it could make your day !

Guess he got fooled

Sometimes – you just have to know – you are smarter than them !

Look in the mirror – you own it – make the best of it – and make the change.

One of my hero’s

Don’t fool yourself – it is a waste of time –

Be proud of who you are –

There is only one of you !

No matter what – either one works !

It all comes down to the ” SPACE” between your ears !

You be the judge – you determine –

after all – it’s your mind – it’s owned by you

Your dreams are your escape – your memories are yours –

Think back to your childhood – the good moments –

They belong to only you !

Look at the bright side – at least you have one –

You decide –

But feel good – look positive – emotions play a big part of this !

Surround yourself with TRUE FRIENDS and FAMILY –

They believe in you !

At the end of the Holiday

Take this day and recharge yourself – family – friends –

But always remember – there is a funny side out there –

You just have to look for it !

You just can’t make up this reality into fiction !

Sherry and Tom

I hope this brings a smile to you –

A good vibe –


From us to you


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